When someone uses social media, there are a number of things that they can do. For one thing, they can talk to people they know, and this can take place through commenting on something they have shared or by sending them a message.

As to what option they take can all depend on how much time they have or on how well they know them. What can also play a part is what it is that they want to talk about; as if they have something personal to talk about, they are unlikely write something on their wall.

A Choice

Ultimately, one can choose what the best option will be for them in any given moment. But regardless of what they decide to do, it is not going to be something that will take a lot of effort.

Providing they have a device, the only thing that they will need to do is to touch their screen a few times. Thus, they won’t need to go anywhere, and this is then not going to be something that will take too much of their time.

One Purpose

There is the chance that the main reason why they use it is to get in touch with their ‘friends’. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t want to upload pictures, or that they won’t change their profile picture from time to time.

If they were to have a night out and/or to go on holiday, for instance, they could end up sharing the pictures that they took. When it comes to their profile picture, this might be something they change on a regular basis.

Up to Date

Nevertheless, this will be a way for them to show their ‘friends’ and family what they have been doing. If they were to talk to each friend individually and to tell them about what has been going on, it would take them a lot longer.

And through having a profile pictures that matches up with what they look like, it will enable these people to recognise them if they were to see them in the real world. Now, it could be said that if they are a friend, she should be able to able to do this without needing to see how their face has changed.

Time Goes By

This is something that makes sense, but when it comes to the people that they rarely see in the real world, it is going to be different. There could be people on their friends list who they haven’t seen for decades.

One way of looking at this would be to say that if they haven’t seen them for so long, they can’t still be friends. This might sound accurate, but there is also the chance that it is not this black and white.

A Number Different Reasons

What this could show is that they no longer live in the same country, and if they did, they would find time to get together. Yet, if they do live in the same country, they may not have had the urge to see them.

Let’s say that one was out shopping and they happened to bump into them, it could be as if they had only seen each other last week. This will show that they don’t need to see each other all the time in order to be friends.

A Surprise

If one was to see meet someone they hadn’t seen for years in the real world, they could be in for a shock. And while this could be because they haven’t seen their face for years, it might not be.

There is the chance that they are friends with them on social media, and that they regularly see their updates. The person in front of them is then going to be the person they see on a screen.

The Difference

What this could come down to is that they don’t look like their pictures on social media, and this is going to show that they don’t simply upload their pictures. Before they upload them, it is going to be clear that they spend time editing them.

One could then feel as though they are talking to a completely different person. If they were to have a look through their profile pictures, they may find that there is a big difference in how they look.

Not the Same

There is no doubt that people can look different depending on what angle the picture is taken and what the light is like. Even so, this is not going to be the same as when a picture has been changed.

When someone uses a filter, for instance, the whole complexion of their face can change. This can cause their skin to look better, and they can end up looking a lot younger than they are and/or more attractive.

A Few Years

This is not to say that this will only take when one hasn’t seen someone for all this time, as it could happen if they haven’t seen them for a few years. They might not be as surprised, but it could still have an effect on them.

In addition to this, this person could also create the impression that they live the ideal life, and this could then mean that they have been deceived in more ways than one. But as it is so easy to do this on social media, it can happen without someone going out of their way to do so.

A Form of Makeup

When someone edits their pictures on social media and changes how they look, it can be seen as similar to what would happen if they were to wear makeup. Through applying this to their face, it can transform their appearance.

But no matter what they look like with it on, it is not going to match up with what they look like without it. Therefore, if they were to take it off, it can be normal for people to come to the conclusion that they don’t look as good.


They will have created a contrast, and if this wasn’t created other people wouldn’t have anything to compare their appearance with. In the same way, if one radically changes how they look online, it will also be normal for people to come to the conclusion that they don’t look as good in the real world

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