Social Media is largely causing the growth rate of the volume of information on the Internet is triggered dramatically as each day more people are creating content worth as never seen before but "is different content than before".

Previously content was generated as a "magazine publishing" being designed under a theme with a scope market with a specific purpose; were times where we found mainly content from universities, research centers, etc… The aim was to put meaningful information available to Internet users. Then came the mass of websites, blogs, and content sites generally low production offering for all those people who "wanted "information.

Precisely the create content under a process of "production" is what makes the difference with content that brings Social Media. Today it is so easy to share content that many people are sharing the moments of your life, your emotions, your feelings, incalculable amount of content that is being generated without production.

What is Content Production?
With content create production with the fact I mean design the content to generate a desired impact on people. For example, if I'm going to announce a beer the content is designed to generate desire, belonging, and exclusivity, perform an action or whatever you're looking for. Once content designed produced, and here we can generate a very simple production as writing can be a text or to the professional production of a video commercial.

This type of content has been carefully thought out is clear in its objective, we could say that it is "cold and calculating "in seeking to achieve its mission. Advertising agencies are experts in creating content production. The brands dominate the world of content production, and typically speak about themselves.

What is Content without production?
With no production create content, I mean everything that we are generating "without thinking ", sometimes impulsively, extreme thoughts, emotions, even judgments. Content that brings a feeling that can be positive neutral or negative.

Probably the sharing something that has not been carefully thought it more "sincere" may or may not have a clear goal, you can feel more "warm" sometimes inadvertently be viral. Individuals are very good to share this type of content and of course not everything is good but many users lives are so different that by chance someone is always something interesting living connecting with people and generates a natural impact. Individuals without production mastered the content, and we can talk about us or brands.

Both are important, but ...
Both content types are important but if we want to connect in social networks have to learn to create and build on content without production, why? because the fact that all your content is low production makes feel like an interview or market where all the dialogue is designed it makes me feel uncomfortable, you look stiff, cold is a situation, transcriptional. Most people prefer to get invited to a party where the conversation is casual and you just put the beers and the place. I do not know maybe meet that special girl on the Facebook page of Coke, or your next boss, and of course, the important thing is that the meeting does not end in a bar fight.

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