When someone uses social media, it is up to them how they decide to present themselves, and this means that they have a lot of control. Still, this is not to say that everyone who uses it will realise this.

Another Part

For some people, this could just be seen as somewhere where they can express themselves. There is then going to be no reason for them to change their behaviour or to make out they are someone else.

Now, this is not to say that they won’t be a bit more daring online; what it comes down to is that they won’t put on an act. It is then going to be similar to how they would be if they were to text someone or to speak to them on the phone.

More Options

However, when it comes to social media, they are going to be able to express themselves in a number of different ways. And, this is not going to be the case when they are on the phone or sending a message.

Through being on a social media site, they will be able to upload pictures and videos, as well as being able to write things. Thus, no matter how they feel or what they want to express, they will be able to let other people know what is taking place for them at any given moment.

Staying Connected

If someone like this was asked why they use social media, they could say that it is a way for them to stay in contact with their friends and family. And if most of the people they know use social media, this is going to make their life a lot easier.

As instead of having to reach out to each person, they can simply share their life (or parts of it) on their wall. To get in touch with each person individually could take them a lot of time, and there are bound to be moments in their life when they don’t have the time to do this.

A Time and a Place

Even so, this is not to say that one will believe that one approach is ‘better’ than the other, as they may see that it is not possible to replace one with the other. For one thing, there are going to be certain topics that will need to be spoken about in private.

Along with this, relationships need the right nutrients in order to exist, and not all these are going to be supplied by sharing things on social media. One way of looking at it would be to say that sending a hug online might be nice, but it won’t replace a real hug.

One Factor

As to how someone uses social media, it can all depend on their age and what kind of life they lead. If social media was invented during the latter part of their life, it might not be something that consumes their life.

Or, if one has a career where they are not allowed to reveal much about their life, this will also shape how they use it. This may mean that they will prefer to send private messages, or to only share things that are impersonal.

One Step Further

Although sharing what has been taking place in their life will be enough for some people, it won be enough for everyone. There are a number of people who are going to be concerned with creating the right impression.

And when it comes to what impression is seen as the right one, it can vary from person to person. If someone is still at school, they would probably want to create a different impression than if they were married and had children.

The Perfect Life

Either way, the desire to present the perfect life is something that someone can have regardless of their age. One is then not just going to share anything; they will only share things that will make them look good.

There could be times when this will go to plan, and other times when they don’t have the desired effect. Nevertheless, this is unlikely to cause them to use social media differently, and this will show how important it is for them to look right.


To create the impression that their life is perfect, the only thing they will need to do is to upload the right images and to share the right statuses. This is not to say that they will need to take good pictures though, as they can just edit them.

The angle of their picture and the facial expression they make can completely transform the kind of experience they are having. Therefore, one could be in an environment that doesn’t look very appealing and they might not be having a good time, but they could be the only ones who will know this.


This could also mean that they will share certain quotes on their wall, as this can be seen as a reflection of how they see life. Ergo, not only do they live the ideal life, they also have a ‘positive’ mindset to go with it.

At the same time, one could share these kinds or quotes even if they don’t try to present the perfect life. This could occur a few times a week, or they may even share a few each day, for instance.

A Deep Person

It would then be normal for other people to come to the conclusion that this is someone who doesn’t just live on the surface of life; they actually take the time to look at things from a deeper level. One can then be seen as being positive on one hand and a deep thinker on the other.

There is the chance that this assessment actually reflects reality, but then again, it might be way off. Instead, they may just share these quotes because of how it makes them look.


If someone wants to share positive or inspirational quotes, there is no reason why they shouldn’t; it is not as if they are causing harm by doing so. However, what this shows is how easy it is for someone to deceive others.

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