Even though life is not perfect, that doesn’t mean that one can’t create the perfect life online. Along with this, they can also make it so that their experience online is also perfect, and as a result of this, it can make it harder for them to face the real world.


Now, this is not to say that this is something that will take place overnight, as it is something that can take a while to occur. For example, if one was around before social media was available; they may find that it has taken them a while to experience life in this way.

However, if one is a lot younger and they have been able to use social media from a young age, it may have been a lot easier to them to adapt. In this case, one may find that it has been possible for them to use it for the majority of their life.


But regardless of how long someone has been using it for, each person will be in the same position. The life they experience online could be as important as the life they lead offline; in fact, it might be even more important.

And although this could be a sign that their life offline is not very fulfilling, this might not be the case. What it could come down to is that they experience a lot of pleasure through using social media.

The Perfect Life

So during one’s time online, they could find that it is relatively easy for them to have the perfect experience, and this is without even creating the impression that their life is perfect. This is something that will take place through being in front of a screen, and this means that one will be on the sidelines, so to speak.

And as one is not engaged in life, it will naturally be a lot easier for them to control how they feel. On the other hand, if one was engaged in life, they are less likely to have the same level of self-control.

The Right Responses

In order for them to get the responses they want, there will be a number of things that they can do. And they can receive these responses no matter where they are or what they are doing.

One thing that one can do is to share a picture, and this could be of themselves or it could relate to something or someone else. Through doing this, it will enable one to receive comments and ‘likes’, and this is likely to have a positive effect on their mood.

Reaching Out

Along with this, one could also leave a comment or message one of their ‘friends’. And while there is the chance that it will take them a while to hear back; there is an even greater chance that it won’t.
Thus, in most cases, they will end up getting an instant reply. The responses they get during these interactions are also likely to have a positive effect on how they feel.

A Negative Effect

However, if this wasn’t the case and one was to have a negative experience online, they could soon put this to an end. What this shows is how much control one has when it comes to what they experience online.

For instance, one could be in a position where one of their ‘friends’ leaves a negative comment, and the only thing they would need to do would be to delete it. They could even go one step further and unfriend them, and through doing this, they won’t need to hear from them again.


Yet if they were to do that, it could cause them to worry about how someone would respond. Therefore, as a way to stop themselves from lowering their mood, they could simply unfollow them instead.

And if a ‘friend’ or someone they don’t know was to say something that they disagreed with and this caused them to have a strong reaction, they could also have them banned. On one hand, this could mean that someone has shared something that is inappropriate, but on the other hand, it might not be this black and white.

Freedom of Speech

When it relates to something that is inappropriate, it could be said that one will be doing the right thing. But if someone is simply sharing their opinion or talking about what is actually taking place in the world, for instance, they are going to be doing a disservice to humanity.

The Right Impression

Whilst this is taking place, one can also upload pictures of themselves that have been heavily edited, and share things that don’t reflect the life they lead. Creating the right impression online will allow them to feel good and it will allow them to receive positive feedback from others.

If they were to take a step back from social media, they may find that they start to experience discomfort. The reason is likely to come down to the fact that the life they lead online doesn’t match up with the life they lead offline, and they might not look as good as they do online.

Harder to Handle

And through being able to control the kind of experience they have online, they may find that it is harder for them to handle the real world. This is because they will be exposed to things they don’t like or agree with, and it won’t be possible for them to use the same approach offline as they would if they were online.


This is just one of the ways in which ones life can be influenced by using social media. It could be said that it can condition people to have an idealist as opposed to realistic outlook of life.

Through experiencing the perfect life online, they can believe that the world should also be perfect. Now this is not to say that one should put up with abuse online or offline, for example; what it comes down to is that one is not always going to get the responses they want in life.

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