Everyone knows that social media is the need of today. 2012 has just started with a bang; millions of people greeted each other, shared photos of New Year’s evening and parties. And on the other side, the social media marketing and business people started talking about SOCIAL MEDIA 2012, What it will be?, How it will be?, Who will get Success?, Who will not?. Millions of questions and conversations are going around each and every day.

Social media giants started predicting the future of social media, but my choice are two guys who rocked the world with their social media appearance in past two years and they are;

Brian Solis and Mark Schaefer:

Brian Solis is a Social Media Business Guru and the bestselling author of two books regarding business and social media named as “Engage” and the “End of Business as Usual”.

Mark Schaefer is also a Social Media Business Guru and bestselling author of “The Tao of Twitter” and his upcoming thriller book is about social media influence named as “Return on Influence”.

Social Media 2012: Preaching’s by Brian Solis:

Social media predictions 2012, Sir. Brian Solis shared his thoughts on his blog. Let’s review the insights;

Predictions Synopsis:

1. All the companies from small, medium and large sizes must need to rethink over their existing stature and they must have to re-engineer the impact of business objectives and metrics. They need to focus more on social media and mobile technology.

2. Companies must adopt centralized Business Intelligence to strengthen every aspect of the business including marketing, product, innovation and customer service. That’s how BI will help companies convert themselves into real social businesses.

3. Sort out the best information and transform it into actionable and measureable insight, and that insight will not be marketing-driven but market-driven.

4. Mobile devices are the key to success in 2012, as the number of internet users on mobile devices has increased exponentially in past two years. Companies must have to understand that how their customers use those devices and then they can provide the services that does not change the way of their routine usage.

5. Businesses need to understand if and how their customers use mobile devices, then provide a holistic experience that does not change for users as they navigate websites and mobile applications.

6. Marketers have to take a step forward and they must engage the entire organization and put everyone to work for marketing.

Social Media 2012: Preaching’s by Mark Schaefer:

Sir. Mark Schaefer is a dear friend and I learnt a lot from him during my friendship with him on Facebook through his Facebook feed. I was so anxiously waiting for his prediction about social media 2012 and it was a real treat when it comes out exactly what I was expecting. Let’s get into the insights now;

1. Social Media 2012 will be the year of bird as twitter is the fastest growing social network and its usage is spreading internationally.

2. Facebook will be creating alternate universes, rightly said. Because we all have seen some extraordinary changes in last year, creating a complex world for all. So there is a great chance that Facebook will create different interfaces for different age groups and interests.

3. Crowdsourcing will be the next big thing, which will shape up to be an alternative of outsourcing. But it also carries a stigma of unfair labor practices.

4. Social Scoring or you can say influence measurement will be the next glittery feature for social media 2012. Klout will be on the top position. Facebook Timeline will play an important role.


• Businesses must have to re-do their marketing strategy by focusing on integration of mobile technology and social media, which can bring them extraordinary success.

• Innovative idea, unique powerful product, marketing and premium customer services will open all the close doors for small to large businesses.

• Measuring the best information available in the market and using it in the business will sky rocket the profits.

• Twitter will be more effective for businesses and independent, until or unless it is driven by good content with proper personal insight.

• Crowdsourcing tasks will be effective, if it’s managed carefully.

• Social influence will work wonders, if you or your business is influential among your competitors, you will get more business and more success.

Author's Bio: 

Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Strategist, Public Speaker and a Social Activist/Volunteer to Fight Human Trafficking. He is a leading a Team of Online Marketing Professionals at Xcluesiv Singapore.