So you want to market your business online through social media marketing? Don't know where to start? Well, here are some strategies to get you started, including the power of hashtags on Twitter. (A subject I will cover again later.) They are free and easy to apply and great for any small business or if you work from home to make money in your chosen industry, alongside buy auto likes on Instagram using the best apps for the iPhone.

Instagram account for business - One of the key actions to have come out of Instagram is that small businesses across the planet are embracing this relatively new phenomenon to market their business. Visitors engage with platforms of color and image (as well as short videos too) and see a different side to businesses. It shows a very human side of a company, thus proving that it's not just selling, sell sell. Take action on Instagram if you haven't already. A cool little app for your iPhone, it allows you to engage with your customers even when you're not in the office or fact, not even at work...

Facebook and Twitter - FB is still is the favorite or the world with Twitter hashtags coming up on the inside. The saying goes, your friends are who you talk to on FB, on Twitter, you talk to the world. Hashtags are a must o Twitter although they are still frowned upon on FB and Facebook marketing. Although people do use them, I am inclined not to as they hold no purpose in how people use FB for searching, and therefore, not the ideal way to make money for your business. There is a rule of three on Twitter, so if you want to use hashtags on Twitter, never use more than this. You don't want to be caught spamming on either site, or FB would shut your page down. Hashtag your keyword in the search box and see what people are saying about it. Join in the conversation if you can and answer questions if they have any. This is a free thing to do, and it will get you noticed by the world.

Facebook Advertising - You don't have to sign up to FB's high advert charges either, although I would make use of their ads manager as you can use this to see the demographics of your audience. The tools on FB allow you to see exactly how many people you could address who are on FB already. FB will calculate the number of people who match your 'ideal customer' criteria (so if you haven't done this, do it! It's highly valuable!) I would also recommend getting your friends to share your business page and so on. Join groups on FB who already have an interest in the area or the product you are marketing, and watch the discussions on these pages, and join in. Once people see you as an expert, they are more likely to trust you, and therefore buy from you. In the next paragraph, I highlight another useful tool - Google+ and the way to benefit for all these social media platforms is to be consistent with your content and link them all together for easy posting. The Best Apps for iPhone and Android hardware for this are free and which make this process very easy. I recommend Hootsuite free account to get you started.

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