In the modern business environment, e-learning has occupied an important place due to the numerous benefits associated with it. Through e-learning process organizations train their employees and make them familiar with the new products and developments. Implementation of traditional method of learning is difficult due to its slow process. It also includes extra cost in terms of printing training material. Organizations having Learning Management System (LMS) encourages e-learning to get rid of extra training cost. However, some organizations do not have the budget and man power to set up a seperate LMS department. Hence, they depend on a service provider for their e-learning needs.

One of the essential parts of e-learning is social learning, which maximizes the reach of the course to many learners. Due to its wide reaching capability, social learning is now increasingly adopted by corporates. Combining the system with social networking is the next step of LMS, which enables the learner to collaborate and learn. Success of social learning in the corporate world encourages small business enterprises to go for this type of learning process. Interweaving the corporate training program with social media is one of the important activities of organization offering e-learning solutions.

Wizdom Social is a tool used by service providers for the networking site ‘Facebook’. When users log on to Facebook, learning becomes social. The application helps user read through learning modules. With other social sites such as Linked-In, the application can be integrated. From a catalogue of models, users can choose the desired one. The Wizdom Social has unique tracking feature, which maintains the information of completed modules. Users can also give rating to the modules and on being satisfied can recommend to friends. All these benefits can be attained while one is logged in to his or her favourite social networking site. This is the beauty of social learning and also the reason behind its growing popularity.

The Learning Management System while transmitting knowledge within the organization use social media. It ensures that the employees are able to utilize the social media in a better way. Progress report regarding the training of the employees is maintained by the LMS. Apart from social learning, LMS also goes for mobile learning to enhance the knowledge of the employees. In the mobile learning process, the employees are enabled to access the learning material through their mobile. Hence, they can not only benefit during working hours but also when they are not at work.

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Gireesh Sharma is a journalist an author specializing in topics related to social learning and Learning Management System.