Social anxiety is what some of us are really struggling with. We are really trying our best to overcome it. Let me tell you that the first impression you make matters a lot and as such being anxious around people may end up becoming a very bad image to do away with for a very long period of time. This is because your first impression of being anxious makes people to lose the confidence in you from the start.

Those who are suffering from social anxiety can't exactly explain what happens when they become anxious while meeting people especially new people or a group of people, it just happens. They try their best to control themselves from getting anxious but they find themselves being anxious. It is just a disorder they're suffering from and the disorder is known as social anxiety or social phobia.

Social phobia is usually characterized by intense fear in a person of what other people are going to think about him. The person who is suffering from social anxiety disorder feels insecure. When you meet someone who is suffering from social anxiety disorder, don't make things difficult for him. Just understand the person is suffering from social anxiety disorder and try to make him relax.

Social anxiety disorder has really denied some of us a lot in achieving what we really deserve, we ended up settling for less than we deserve in life. I'm talking about not doing something because of extreme fear of failure and not competing with others due to the thought that others are by far much better than you are therefore you start isolating yourself from people. You isolate yourself from people because you fear that you'll not match with their social status (feeling inferior) or you extremely fear what they're thinking about you.

But this doesn't mean that you cannot recover from social anxiety disorder and achieve what you have always dreamt about. We learn from our past mistakes and doing something about these mistakes will make a big difference. In fact, you should never give up no matter what obstacles life throws on your way. Believe in yourself that you can. This way, you're contemplating to work towards succeeding.

There is a solution for every problem and it has never occurred to me that something cannot be solved. Acknowledge that you'll find a solution for every problem you face. By doing this, you'll not give up hope. Suffering from social anxiety disorder is a problem you have to deal with. Social anxiety is unpleasant experience that is also embarrassing. Social anxiety will make you to feel guilty. In fact, it will make your self-esteem to be low. As I said, it is a disorder.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

1.) Intense fear.

2.) Blushing.

3.) Short and fast breaths.

4.) Trembling of the body and voice that is shaky.

5.) Heart palpitations.

6.) Sweating even although it is very cold.

7.) Feeling uneasy (discomfort).

8.) Avoiding people so as not to feel embarrassed and not to cause any embarrassment.

Three Ways of Treating Social Anxiety

1.) Help from God: There are times that you'll only remain with your God just because people can't help you nor do they understand you. As such you should seek help from God. Pray to God to help you to overcome social anxiety disorder you're suffering from. God has helped many people, God is still helping many people and surely God will help you if only you seek help from him.

2.) Interact With People: When you do the thing you fear doing you'll eventually stop fearing and that is the reason you should start interacting with as many people as you can. When you interact with people, you'll get used to being around people. You'll not fear meeting new people and having a conversation with them. You'll not fear about others judging you. Otherwise, you'll find that it's only you who created the fear of others judging you which actually doesn't exist. The point is, the more you interact with people the more likely you're to be less anxious thus overcoming social anxiety disorder.

3.) Apply Relaxation Techniques: Since social anxiety causes a person to be nervous, you should always practice relaxation techniques such as yoga. Relaxation techniques will make you to control your breathing and also enable your muscles to relax.

"All too frequently, anxiety crushes not only your spirit and your potential, but your ability to take care of your mind and body." - Jonathan Davidson and Henry Dreher, The Anxiety Book: 'Developing Strength in the Face of Fear.'

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