Social anxiety is a form of anxiety that may leave someone inept to socialize within the public. This may occur for a variety of reasons, but understanding what it is and how it effects you, will in-time give you the ability to overcome it. This article explains what social anxiety is, how it may relate to you, and tips for overcoming it. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to face your fears and overcome social isolation.

It may not be easy for everyone to socialize with others as the norm of being alone may seem like a behavior that is not within your comfort level. For others, socializing may seem second nature as it just occurs naturally and without hesitation.

Would you consider yourself someone who shies away from socializing with others within the public? Do you fear meeting others, or find yourself more entertained while being alone? If you answered yes to any one of the above questions you may suffer from a form of anxiety called anti-social anxiety. If you find that you have these feelings of ineptitude, here are a couple of tips to help you eliminate your anti-social tendencies.

Create a new comfort zone and socialize more

This may be easier said than done, but with diligence and the will to change, it can be done. In order to overcome your fears of socializing with others you must put yourself in a position to adapt to those fears and rise above it. Conventional wisdom speculates that the more you do what you fear; you will become more apt to fear it less.

To overcome this fear you must move out into the public and socialize with others on a regular basis. When doing this, find an atmosphere that is still within your comfort level, but that has others who you can socilaize with. If you enjoy playing video games, join an on-line community and get to know who you are playing with. Taking this one step further, go to the local video game store and interact with others who share the same interests. If one of your hobbies is classic cars, then go to a classic car show and exchange experiences. Technology has changed the way that many people socialize and meet others as the internet is full of resources. Online forums or chat rooms engages people to meet others as these meetings can soon develop into long-lasting friendships. Coffee houses and community socials are other ways of meeting others within the community.

Understand and overcome rejection

Many people go into their shell because they have been rejected in the past from an event or instance, and they are fearful that it may happen again. In order to overcome this, you have to realize that rejection is a natural part of life and it will inevitably happen to all of us at some point-in-time. Understanding that this could happen, and accepting this fact while moving on will help you to overcome this fear. If you are to be successful in social atmospheres while meeting others, you have to get over this fear and understand that it can, and probably will happen again. If it does, just pick up the pieces and do it all over again.

Overcoming this fear will be very difficult at first, and at times, daunting. In order to take the first step you must put yourself into situations in life where rejection is a possibility. This can be evident in the dating scene as it may take a few prospects to say no before one actually says yes. One thing to remember that is almost certain, if you do not try you, will surely never succeed.

Looking for a confidence boost

Many times, people are anti-social when they are insecure with themselves. Insecurity causes doubt, and in time, doubt causes one to focus on their own negatives while forgetting about their own positives. This leads to social isolation as they start to feel that their own negative attributes are far too overwhelming. At this point, you must refocus on your own positive attributes and build on what you know you can achieve. In other words, think positive, and this new way of thinking will help transform your own mentality while helping you to become more social with others.

Overcoming the fear

There is not one best method of overcoming social anxiety as this has to be individualized to where you will feel comfortable in overcoming. Once the realization has been made, you must be strong and face your fears head-on. In time, you will be able to overcome these fears as you will find it natural to socialize with others within the public. Once this occurs, you will wonder why social anxiety was ever a problem to begin with.

By: Scott C Baxter

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