There is nothing wrong with you if you feel shy or nervous when you are talking to a stranger or surround by unknown people. It is never a weird thing for one to experience this kind of feelings. Under this situation or scenario, many people will have a mental block on doing something. The reasons why people acting nervous under this situation are because they are afraid that they will embarrass themselves when they try do something and screw up. Of course, if this feeling of nervousness or awkwardness starting to get out of hand, it can be a problem for you. It wills affect your social life. This disorder is known as social anxiety disorder. Social phobia are another name for this disorder. Good news is that social anxiety disorder can be treated.

There are 3 things you need to know about social anxiety disorder.

1) Identify the social anxiety disorder

Before you do anything, you should check whether you are suffering from social anxiety disorder or not. Ask yourself. Do you ever feel uncomfortable and unease when you surrounded by people, especially a stranger? Do you ever feel worries or fear when someone glaring at you? Do you ever thought of avoid going any public events or social gathering? If the answer is yes, most likely you have a social anxiety disorder. It is never wise to ignore this disorder as it will unconscious isolate you from going social with others in the future.

2) Social anxiety triggers and symptoms

Educate yourself is the very first thing you need to do if you want to treat your disorder. You need to know the symptoms or triggers of social anxiety. Recognize these disorder symptoms and signs are essential. With this, you can find an appropriate treatment for your mental illness. The trigger for this disorder is pretty much having something to do with social activities. It can be talking to a new people, dating, speaking in front of everyone, using the public facilities and more. Also, not every social anxiety sufferers share the same trigger. So, it is really up to you to recognize your own trigger.

The most common symptoms are feeling sick, dizziness, nausea, muscle aching, uncontrollable shaking and shortness of breath. These symptoms can last for several hours.

3) The Available Treatment

Social anxiety symptoms can be controlled with medication treatments, although the effect is not instantaneous. It takes several weeks to see the full effect of the medicine. It is also worth to note that there is a side-effect upon taking the medicine prescription. You had been warned. Going for therapy counseling is another popular treatment choice. During the therapy treatment, you will learn how to do the natural self-help treatment to control your anxiety attacks. Be frank, it is quite handy in a lot of situations. If you don’t feel like to have a counseling with your doctor or attend the tedious therapy, attending a program or seminar is another option that can reduce your social anxiety levels. Overcoming anxiety disorder is never easy. It takes time and patience to achieve the anxiety-free outcome. So, don’t give up to soon.

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