What is a difference between social anxiety disorder and normal anxiety attacks? Well, social anxiety disorder prevents the victim to have a good social lifestyle. When these people are surrounded by people, especially strangers, they will experience an unreasonable and intense fear. The thought of being judged or closely watched is what running over their heads. Because of this, they become panic. They have the feeling that they will make a mistake, and people will laugh at them for their mistakes. The whole situation becomes worse when these social anxiety victims do not have a basic social skills or experiences. In the end, the social anxiety victims will either endure social situation in extreme distress manners or completely avoid going out to socialize.

In fact, some of them will get extremely distressed or worried before the actual events. Just think of the coming events can drive them mad. These worries usually can last for several days or weeks; depends on how severity is his anxiety disorder. Many social anxiety sufferers are aware of their unreasonable fear and worries, but they are just unable to overcome or stop it from happening. In additional, social anxiety sufferers are generally pessimistic towards everything. The thought of being the center of all attention is the last thing they ever want in their life.

People who are suffering from social anxiety don’t share the same fears of triggers that lead to anxiety attacks. There are many situations can provoke or trigger the patient’s anxiety symptoms and fears. Here are some of the social situations:

1) It can be working, drinking or eating in front of others.

2) Using the public facilities such as public restroom, toilet, public transport; bus or train, and telephone booth

3) Doing a presentation, public speaking or asking questions in front of his peers or strangers.

4) Going for any social activities and events such as birthday party, prom night, wedding dinner, or sport events.

5) Interacting with people, especially a strangers or people in authority.

The main problem is many social anxiety sufferers did not recognize their disorder or symptoms. Furthermore, some of them were aware of their problems yet they ignored it completely. They take it lightly and consider it as a minor illness that eventually will be gone after some time.

When the victim’s fears and worries are so intense, the social anxiety disorder symptoms will manifest into physical forms. When that happens, the victim feels his body sweating a lot, shaking, muscle is aching, feeling dizzy, his body temperature is declining and has a difficult time to take a breath. As for the children’s case, he may express his anxiety symptoms by throwing tantrums or crying.

According to research, it suggests that there are 3 factors contributing to social anxiety disorder development.

Biological: Social anxiety disorder can be inherited from the parents. If the parents are generally pessimistic and unable to handle the bad news effectively, most likely the child of them will suffer the same fate. Another reason would be neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are a special chemical that send command and information to the brain. If the neurotransmitters are out of balance, the information and command cannot reach through the brain properly. This will cause your brain misinterpret the commands or information, and will lead to anxiety state.

Psychological: Experience a bad past; embarrassing or humiliating experience can lead to social anxiety disorders. This kind of things usually happens on the adolescence stage. If the kids or teenagers did not get a proper counseling from the expert during that stage, the chances for them to develop social anxiety disorder is extremely high.

Environmental: So, instead of experiencing those unpleasant events or embarrassing moments with his own, he may develop the social anxiety disorder from observing the results or outcome from others. This tends to happen on the children who have overprotective parents.

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