People who are suffering from social anxiety is always a pessimistic type. They are not looking forward to find a new friend or go for any social events or community gathering. It is because they have a difficult time to expressing their own opinion and feeling. Due to their pessimistic nature, they always under the impression that they will screw up in doing anything and end up as a laughing stock. Some of them do aware of their unrealistic worries, but they tend to ignore the root problem most of the time.

Actually, in the deep of their heart, these social anxiety sufferers want to be accepted by society. They want to enjoy their life with their friends and engage with everyone in any social activities. But this is not easy feat as these people cannot stop themselves from being panic or anxious or worries when they are facing people. When they are in panic or nervous, the chance for them to have a decent conversation is almost impossible. They will stuttering and cannot even construct a proper word and sentence that can be understood by others. Because of this, many social anxiety sufferers choose not to be a part of the society as they cannot handle the pressure and their own unrealistic worries. This is why social anxiety disorder is a huge obstacle that they must overcome if they want to have a happy life.

Feeling nervous or anxious in a certain scenario such as going for an interview or doing a presentation in front of your peers that you are not familiar is extremely normal. However, this is not the case for social anxiety sufferers. They are so worried to the point that they feel that they have a heart attack. The thought of embarrassing themselves is so intense and unrealistic, until they want to avoid the situation at all cost. When someone like them is overwhelmed by excessive fear and worries, it could affect his physical state. He is going to feel sick. His body will start sweating. His body will show the sign of shaking, and has a difficult time to take a proper breath.

Social anxiety disorder can be overcome or treated. It would be the best for one to seek help immediate before their anxiety disorder escalated to a higher level. There are a lot of the method can be used to manage the anxiety disorder. Changing your lifestyle is one of them. It also recommended for one to stop taking any caffeine-based drink, nicotine and alcohol. These types of foods play a major role in triggering anxiety attacks. Have an adequate sleep is the most basic yet effective step for the patient to do. People who have enough rest or sleep is often free from anxiety attacks.

So, if you want to enjoy your life or make a new friend, you should overcome your social disorder first. It is never a good decision to ignore your anxiety disorder. Not to mention that experiencing anxiety attacks can be extremely tiring and unpleasant. Overcome or eliminate this disorder is not easy, but the reward that you are going to get is worthy for your effort and time that you invested.

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