Social messaging is now popular than ever thanks to the networking feature which allows users to interact with friends and family anywhere in the world. With a lot of Messaging Apps being developed, the market is filled with many Apps and here are the 5 Social Messaging Apps That Are Fun and exciting to use.

1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp is enormously the most popular social messaging app currently. It is designed for mobile phone and web users to send text messages, Location, Contacts, pictures, Documents and to make voice and video calls over the internet to a single person. Users can also send voice notes, texts, pictures and videos to a group of people.
It’s a cross platform app that is available on IOS, Android and Windows phone and it can be downloaded for use in Windows and Mac computers.

2. Kik Messenger
Kik is a social messaging app that is free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It’s a freeware that allows instant messaging and it is available free of charge. You can Download Kik on Pc using the Bluestacks Android Emulator for windows platform. It is very popular because of its user anonymity feature which preserves user’s identity as users can register without telephone number.
Kik is the first messenger app which has its own browser and many teens love it because it is tailored towards sharing YouTube videos, memes, photos, sketches, web pages, and stickers.

3. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger has over 500 million users and its one of the best and most popular social messaging app. The messenger is the only way one can chat and socially connect with friends via Facebook. The large user base proves that this app is fun and exciting to use. It has a huge array of stickers and emojis and if you want to Chat, send pictures or make voice and video calls then this is the app to use.

4. Snapchat
Snapchat is a social messaging app that is free on IOS and Android. Snapchat is very different from most social messaging apps in that its main specialization is based on sending multimedia messages which have particular features. With the Snaptchat Self-Destruct feature, a multimedia message will disappear seconds after all recipients have viewed them. This feature is what has made snapchat controversial yet very popular.

5. Viber
Viber encourages users to connect freely on windows 10, Linux and Mac Computers as well as on Windows, Android and IOS Phones. Viber app lets you send free messages & make calls in any country. It offers quality HD video calls, voice calls and text messaging with the option of using photos and stickers.

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