If you want your 5-year-old to stay physically fit and active, then soccer is indeed one of the best ways to get aerobic fitness. And of course, it is common knowledge for every parent that kids who are physically active perform way better in school than others.

Moreover, youth soccer players not only experience the physical benefits of running, sprinting, jumping and various types of exercises, they also achieve a better sense of social skills and self-confidence. From the mental aspect too, they experience improved cognitive awareness whenever participating in such a fast-paced activity.

But soccer is also a tough game. And if your kid is not up to standards in terms of their game skills, they may be left behind, even benched in some crucial matches. 

Introduce Your Champ to a Soccer Trainer Ball (Deluxe Model)

To make sure this doesn’t happen, introduce your kid to a soccer trainer ball which helps master all the fundamental skills needed to become a champion performer.

If your kid if 5 years old, you can opt for a soccer training ball size 3 (deluxe model from Pass Master) which is designed for kids 3-11 years of age.  In fact, believe it or not, this very soccer trainer ball (size 3) is used for as the official ball by U-5, U-7 and U-8.

It’s Design & Features:

  • This DELUXE soccer trainer is specifically designed with a sturdy bungee cord which comes attached with 2x chrome plated swivels and a comfy wrist band.
  • Its cord stretches 4.7m and measures 1.8 m
  • The ball is hand-sewed and made of 3 ply, 2.5mm cushioned Polyvinyl Chloride synthetic leather ball along with Butyl Bladder for better and longer air retention
  • Its measuring circumference is 23-24inches, and its weight is approximately 11-12 ounce.

How It Benefits Your 5-Year-Old Soccer Champ?

  • This uniquely designed soccer skills training ball is the perfect tool for your 5-year-old champ to practice and perfect kicking for goals, passing and several other ball-handling skills. They even learn to head the ball properly with power and accuracy. 
  • It serves as the perfect tool to develop hand-eye coordination, agility, flexibility, confidence and other sensory coordination skills, namely dribbling, passing while being on the move, kicking and even throwing in with precision.
  • It also helps improve those key game skills quickly, especially as your little champ can practice with it whenever and whenever- be it at the nearby playground or in the backyard. 

And with the attached bungee cord, the ball will not go over the fence or on the street, no matter how hard one kicks it.

It is one of the best gifts you as a parent can give to your little soccer champ. And by training with it for a month, even the coaches will be amazed at how far they have progressed in their game skills.

Final Words:

If you’re serious about helping your kid improve their soccer skills, then bring home one of these soccer training balls (size 3) deluxe model. It is one investment that will go a long way in boosting your kid’s future soccer career. 

So, What Are You Waiting For…? Act Now & Make Your Child The Best Player He Can Be…

Author's Bio: 

The author… is an active supplier of quality soccer training balls (size-3 Deluxe model) and other AFL goods and items for aspiring players in Australia. The author also is an active blogger and loves writing about these training equipment to help players polish their basic game skills.