The love for food is in their bloodline. So, when Arindra Saha came back to his hometown in Kolkata after completing his degree in business management, it was but natural for him to try his hand at satiating the gastronomic delights of the foodloving Kolkata. He started Sobar Café which in Bengali means Everyone’s Café and true to its name, the café serves platter that is appealing to everyone as per their choice of food. We got the opportunity to steal some time with the restaurateur to learn about his venture into the food business and what makes his food joints a hit among the food connoisseurs.

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Please tell us about yourself

I am a true-blue Bengali who grew up in Kolkata and lived most of my life here, barring the brief relocation to Mumbai where I had gone to pursue my MBA from Whistling Woods International. I did my schooling from a premier institute in Kolkata – St. James School, post which I graduated with a degree in Commerce from Bhawanipore College, Kolkata. Whistling Woods International happened right after that and I learnt that doing what you “love” is probably the single most important thing in life.

How did you venture into the restaurant business?

Going back a little, my paternal grandfather owned a restaurant in Bangladesh (my father migrated to India in 1971). I believe it had always been in my blood – I had always harboured dreams of being the restaurateur. Why? Because I love to eat, I love to feed, and I love cooking. My favourite pastime is watching cooking shows and learning about cuisines from all around the world. Not fibbing, no. When I came back to my hometown after my MBA, the only thing that I could think of doing was giving shape to my dream, and so I did, without any delay. I did not face as many hurdles as others would do, for which I have only my parents to thank.

Please elaborate about your restaurants and the cuisine offered.

Today, I am the owner of three restaurants in my city – Café Aamar Kolkata, Tandoor Box, and C for Chinese. My first baby – Café Aamar Kolkata (translation: My Kolkata) is a tribute to my hometown, cherishing the love I have for Bengali cuisine. It gives me immense joy to say that it would turn three this April. I succeeded in making my dream come true. Tandoor Box, my second baby, is comparatively new. Its journey started only in 2019. The cuisine it serves is self-explanatory. C for Chinese is a dark kitchen, and it operates from Café Aamar Kolkata itself.

What is your mantra for success?

Three years in this industry (forever to go, of course!), and I have learnt that following WWI’s mantra of doing what you love was the best thing I did.

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