Olympic Games also called as festival of athletic is a most admired game that includes several sports competitions. It was begun in ancient Greece but rejuvenated in 19th century. Prior to the time of 1970s, the games are limited to participant with amateur status, but it was released to professional athletes in 1980s. The olympic games were strongly related to sacred festival of Greece but it were not a vital part of a any rituals. In fact, the game had a secular spirit and only intended to demonstrate the physical excellences and development of presentations done by young participants. It had also aimed to support good associations amongst the neighborhood areas or cities. Overall, the games allocated their transparency and significance to religion and include several sports separated by different disciplines. It is also turned to be most foremost sports competitions now.

London Olympic is going to happen in July-August month and expected that, the games may create its remark this year. Expected, at least 10500 athletes will contribute in this mega event. In olympic games 2012, 146 qualified nations will take part and total 26 sporting event will be held including 302 events. There are many preparation done till now in London and its sports venues. Many stadium and sporting event place is renovated and reformed. Almost every hotels and residents are ready to welcome tourists. For athletes, London Olympic Committee establishes Olympic village that will of house of 22000 athletes and 6000 coaches and Olympic officials. Limitless of tourists, athlete’s families, sponsors and journalists will get residing place at several hotels, residents and many other living places. Most residents are also looking for renting their gardens to campers throughout the London Olympic 2012.

Olympic 2012 countdown is just getting fast and schedule has already declared by Olympic committee. The olympic schedule has fixed as 27th July to 12th August 2012. Amongst such dates, 26 sports will be played that divided into 36 disciplines. At least, 302 sporting events will be held during seventeen days mega sporting events. Every disciplines will organized at its related venues and people can enjoy also some new venues that are constructed for Olympic. The opening ceremony will be held at Olympic park, new stadium in Stratford. The people can enjoy all every events during their visiting London of specific dates.

The olympic tickets are almost in row of selling and millions of tickets are sold out. The ticket selling will last almost starting of games. The facilities of getting tickets or pass are given at official websites and also at official outlets. People can collect tickets at anywhere. Prices are intended by officials from £20 to £2012 for different disciplines. Just obtain tickets for any interesting events and enjoy the games of any favorite star. Total of 2100 hundreds medals will be offered to every top performer in London Olympic 2012 in 302 ceremonies. The olympic medals characteristic Nike on one side, the Greek goddess of triumph and image of containing five symbolic elements on other side that include also an interpretation of logo and river Thames.

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The olympic schedule is released and organizers stepped up to encourage fans to obtaining olympic tickets. Find lots about olympic medals to boost your skills about which countries have how much medals.