So You wanna lose weight????

A couple of days ago, I was invited to a fancy ball. Everyone was dressed in their finery and each was trying to outdo the other in the jewels and clothes. Everywhere you looked it was bling bling!.
Well after all it was the Diwali ( Indian New year) ball. It is an excuse for people to dole out enough gold and diamonds to feed an entire city in India . Such blatant display of wealth makes one wonder about the so stated poverty levels of my country.
Am digressing however, from my stated topic i.e. losing weight.
At the ball I met a lovely lady, who seemed to be fighting a constant battle against weight. She was beautiful, but she felt she was not as she was overweight in her eyes. She constantly berated herself for not being in control of her body and allowing the gastronomical urges sway her into gluttony.
She claimed that despite her exercising and trying to curb her intake of food, she would not lose weight. Most of us have this constant struggle with our bodies and the media inspired image of a perfect body, leaves us depressed and beaten.
Often I have heard people say things like “ I look at food and I get fat”. “ Whatever I do, seems to have no affect on my body”.” My metabolism is very slow.” “I am sick of trying to lose weight.” “Am so fat. “ and so on. All these derogatory terms towards our body make up our vocabulary.
Just imagine speaking rudely with a friend or a relative and see how long they stick around to hear your verbal abuse? They will either never speak with you again or retaliate in a way that will leave you more upset and hurt, so why this verbal abuse towards our own bodies.
It has now been proven that each cell in our body responds to the way it is treated. The famous water experiment conducted by Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto shows how water reacts when subjected to different emotions, namely anger and love. If water reacts to the way it is treated, then of course our body that is made of 70% water will react to the way it is treated and talked to. Negative and positive words affect us instantly, therefore self flagellation and self criticism should not be a part of our vocabulary.
In order to lose weight, we must first start visualizing ourselves as being the ideal weight that we want to be. It does seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but eventually our brain gets conditioned to certain way of thinking and starts forming neuron connections that support our image.
This then works towards aiding our weight loss by encouraging us to avoid high calorie junk food and motivating us to exercise. To say that visualization and positive words alone will help you get the ideal body may be a bit out of line, but so is exercising and dieting while at the same time condemning our bodies.
Take out old pictures of yourself when you thought you were at an ideal weight, look at them, absorb that image and now go to the mirror and look at yourself and visualize yourself at being the ideal weight and body image. Thank your body for being healthy and supportive of you. Praise it and ask for it to work towards your goal. You may well be surprised.
Don’t be cynical or critical of the experience, you got nothing to lose except a few extra kilos!!!!!!

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