Snoring is a health problem and more than that, it is also a major problem for relationship. There is no dearth of instances where best of the relationships have broken since one of the partners used to snore resulting in sleep disruption and high irritation for his or her counterpart. Snore stoppers arrived and are making good in the market against such backgrounds.

Long Evolution

Medical scientists have always been on the job for finding out the most effective solutions for this perennial problem with human beings. Snore stoppers as effective solutions have come a long way from the magic pillows to the nose plugs but it is necessary to know exactly how one could get rid of these irritating problems.

Snore Stopper in The Past

A host of products in form of branded and non-brand snore stoppers are available in the market. However, for selection of the best of the lot it would be good to learn about the features of quality products. Also one may have a look at the products and methods used in the past.

- In the past women used to sew rocks or hard balls in the back of the bed shirt of the person snoring. This made lying on the back near impossible and snoring stopped.
- A jab in the ribs could perform the same trick as snore stopper. It almost results in quit snoring or turning over. However, there is the danger of either snorer getting hurt accidentally or turning violent as the result of multiple jabs.
- Piling blankets or pillows around the snorer makes it difficult to lie on the back and snore. But blankets and pillows can get dislodged resulting in return of the snoring dragon all over again.

When nothing worked, the sufferers used to change room to sleep in a different room leaving the snoring party the sole ownership of one room where he or she has been sleeping.

Modern Snore Stoppers

Medical science has been trying to provide better solutions for snoring problem taking it as one of the diseases and finding out treatments. Major products are –

- Dental devices that make more money for the dentist than working as snore stopper.
- Surgeries that is not effective most of the times besides being painful.
- Wrist bands or devices that give shock to the snorer when it detects snoring.
- Nasal dilators that is best among the lot, is natural, and mostly effective.

What Causes Snoring?

Clinical studies have revealed that almost one third of those who are above 40 suffer from snoring problems and they are regular snorers. Usually snoring is caused by one or more the following factors:

- Nasal blockage;
- Floppy soft palate; and
- Problems in the throat that is greatest reasons for snoring.

Popular Products in the Market

Many popular products are available in the market that include –

- Stop snoring spray used to clear the bronchial passage;
- Products that help breakdown of mucus formed in the body;
- Nasal strips that prevents breathing problems; and
- Positioning of the body for proper breathing.

In any case, surgery or dental devices are not the true solution to the snoring problem. Nasal devices are the best among the lot.

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