The school was founded in 1969 by late Shri. Gopalkrishna Singhania in memory of his wife Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania.

Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, located in lush green surroundings of Jekegram in the heart of the city of Thane. The premier institution was started in 1969 by Shri. Gopalkrishna Singhania. Over the years, it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life. Today, it has 6400 students on roll from KG to Std 12.

The school is an unaided linguistic minority institution run by the Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania Trust. Air Cdre. Vijaypat Singhania is the Chairman and has on its Board of Governors, eminent professionals from the field of Management and Education.

Mission :
"Offer equal opportunities to all so that they could rise to their full potential"

Shri Gopal Krishna Singhania
Vision :
"To educate students to excel as a

human being and be better than the

best in all field of activities."

What They Believe In :

The School can be characterized as a learning society dedicated to the noble cause of education. There motto is "Offer equal opportunities to all so that they rise to their fullest potential". In keeping with this motto, the school offers all the students an opportunity to participate in each and every activity of the School. This, they believe, will promote an element of confidence, maturity and courage in students. Every child is gifted. They aim to tap their latent potential, to develop it to its fullest... thus preparing them for life. Besides academics, there is emphasis on sports and other activities like Military Training, Civil Defence, NCC, Scouts and Guides. The students are trained in art, music, dance, cookery, tailoring, public speaking etc. All these are compulsory for all the students and is a part of the curriculum.

Above all the School believes in inculcating a strong value system in every child passing through its portal. Values cannot be taught through textbooks. Hence every activity of the School leaves behind lessons on ethics and values which will remain with a child through his life.

The School :

The School offers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Programme to the students in classes IX and X. & Indian School Certificate (ISC) programme to students of classes XI & XII.

The Learning Environment :

Enable pupils to develop their ideas through independent enquiry;

Enable pupils to take appropriate responsibility for the organization and care of learning resources;

Enable pupils to make the best use of space and learning resources;

Are organized so that pupils have suitable access to learning resources of good quality;

Reflect the current areas of study of the National Curriculum, including literacy and numeracy.

Contain high quality, stimulating and interactive visual aids which celebrate pupils' achievements and which help them with the work in hand so that they attempt to solve problems for themselves;

Engage and encourage pupils' learning by promoting a sense of pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others. Enable pupils to use ICT to enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Informal Spaces In Learning : -

Students spend a large proportion of their time outside class. Students and faculty value the time spent with peers discussing academic work or other topics. Spaces that catalyze social interaction and impromptu conversations contribute to personal and professional growth. These informal spaces, often combining food services and wireless access, are ideal for casual activities including searching the Internet, catching up on e-mail, or chatting with friends. Indoor and outdoor spaces can become study areas within the framework of discipline.

Aim of The School :

Through the School programmes they wish to create the future leaders of India who have in them the traditional values for which our country is well-known and at the same time are able embrace modern technology to take India to greater heights of progress and development.

The school wishes that its students have the wings to fly, and take pride in their roots that will keep them grounded.

Contact SMT. Sulochanadevi Singhania School :

Address -

Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School

Pokharan Road No.1,

J K Gram, Thane (West) - 400 606


Board Line : (+91) 022- 4036 84 10 / 11

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