It won't be wrong to say that smoking has been replaced by vaping on a larger scale since 2007. Majority of the young adults are seen using vape devices on regular basis. But there is still a specific percentage of those people who do not move from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes. It is said that that the addition of tobacco usage make them stick to traditional smoking. But we have listed down some factors that can give us a better understanding of whether smoking is cheaper or vaping.

Following are the factors on which we compared smoking and vaping to find out which one is better and affordable.

1. Regular Usage:

 There is no doubt that a smoker does smoking or vaping on daily basis. The cost of acquiring the vaping device is higher than getting a normal cigarette. As the cigarette is a one-time disposable item so you do not need to maintain it for a longer period. But the vaping device has to be there for a longer term. The daily usage patterns of smokers are different from others. Therefore, that is also a contributing factor in the price estimate. It is obvious that when the vaping or smoking will be done more, it will cost higher.

2. Cost Structure:

Cost structures are also different in both the products. There are certain components in vaping that is expensive. E.g. the e juice with higher tobacco level. And the cigarettes are also expensive due to the presence of tobacco in it. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the structure on the level of tobacco in use. If a person is addicted to such ingredients then cost will go up. But generally after purchasing vaping device average yearly cost of vaping is even less than one-third of using cigarette's cost.

3. Level of Toxins:

The level and number of toxics or simply the ingredients, contribute to the overall cost of vaping and smoking. Nicotine, Hydrogen, Lead, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Arsenic, Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, Nitrosamines, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are the toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes and cause Cancer. Vaping also has flavored chemicals in it but they are not as harsh as smoking has. You can easily purchase e juices or liquids from the best vape shops in the UK.

4. Amount of Tobacco:

Nicotine is an expensive ingredient that is used in vaping and smoking both. It can be said that nicotine is the addicting element that makes people use vaping and smoking. But in vaping this ingredient can be customized. The level of nicotine is the e juice is available in different amounts where you can choose from. But in cigarette, there is a higher amount of it which makes it even expensive.

To conclude, according to all the factors mentioned above. Vaping can be said an affordable way of smoking. But there have been such cases reported, in which, daily use of e-liquid juice was 10ml, changing the coils and other elements like RTA. All these elements are known to be the most expensive ones. If they are used inefficiently without balance. Then it is obvious that vaping would cost much higher than smoking, but only in this scenario.

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