Smoking Addiction Signs & Symptoms

Smoking Addiction – Definition

Negative Side-Effects of Smoking

What Happens When You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Benefits

How To Help Someone Kick The Habit Forever

Smoking Addiction Signs & Symptoms

When people have a smoking addiction, they have a strong compulsion to smoke any form of tobacco, usually on a regular basis.

When they don’t smoke, they may feel psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability, nervousness, headaches, and trouble sleeping.

Smoking Addiction – Definition

Smoking Addiction: The strong, repetitive compulsion to smoke any form of tobacco, usually on a regular basis.

Smoking becomes addictive emotionally, mentally and physically.

The nicotine in smoking, like most addictions, stimulates the pleasure center of the brain through neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Also discovered is that nicotine also gives people a little hit of adrenaline which speeds up your heart and raises your blood pressure. This slight “high” can become addictive physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Mentally and emotionally, people also connect smoking to making them feel good and/or taking them away from bad feelings.

In terms of human needs psychology, people become addicted to any behaviour, such as smoking, when it meets at least 3 of their 6 Human Needs.

Negative Side-Effects of Smoking

smoking-cessation-toronto-1We all know that cigarettes release over 5,000 chemicals into your body, with over 70 being cancer forming.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking

smoking-cessation-toronto-2An amazing fact is that only 2 days after your last cigarette, the nicotine and carbon dioxide is eliminated from your body and your taste and smell senses start to come back. You’ll also start to flush out the mucus and debris that were previously in your lungs. You’ll get your health back and be able to breathe much better.

The Psychological Side

Destructive addictions can surface when someone is faced with a quality problem and they don’t feel like they can overcome it.

A quality problem is a risky forward thinking decision that moves you forward, for example starting a business, starting a relationship, asking someone for help, etc.

When people face a quality problem that they don’t want to take care of, they will often develop a safe problem in order to still meet their 6 human needs without risking anything.

If they’re experiencing a quality problem, I have the psychological tools and strategies to help them overcome it. I show them that a safe problem will negatively affect them and everybody around them. It causes more pain, negativity and heartache than any possible “failure” making quality decisions will ever cause.

Quit Smoking Benefits

In other words, I show people that they can not only survive, but thrive in many different situations. They can live their lives full of energy, life and purpose without resorting to destructive addictions such as smoking.

Break The Physical Habit of Smoking Using Hypnosis and/or NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Hypnosis is an easy, gentle and highly effective approach, which is in fact even more effective than stopping cold turkey.

Hypnosis and NLP (waking hypnosis) has a high success rate in breaking the habit of smoking in a short amount of time. My preference is using waking hypnosis (NLP).

To illustrate, most smokers associate happiness with putting a cigarette to their mouth, however during a life coaching session the client learns to associate negative emotions to putting a cigarette to their mouth.

During a life coaching session, the client remembers a horrible emotional memory, usually involving a painful experience with smoking such as getting burned. With this memory in their conscious mind, they perform the physical movement of moving the cigarette to their mouth.

That’s the beginning of a neuro-connection which says “this movement equals pain”. The client will keep this painful memory in mind while repeatedly performing this movement 20 plus times to dig the neuro groove deeper. This quick repetition moves the signal of “this movement equals pain” to the subconscious mind.

When performed correctly during a life coaching session, the client learns to avoid smoking at all costs, now and in the future.

How To Help Someone Kick The Habit Forever

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