Smoking cessation programs are an effective solution to get rid of the dreadful habit of smoking. FDA-approved auriculotherapy is among the most effective smoking cessation programs available today.

Smoking addiction is widely considered a physical and psychological problem. The health hazards of smoking include lung cancer, oral cancer, heart disease, stress, and much more. When you smoke, nicotine enters the body in regular intervals. If you try to cut down, nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms take over. Only a strong will and a great amount of determination can help you quit smoking and change your lifestyle. In cases of serious addiction, just having the determination to quit may not work. Smoking cessation programs are an easy way to stop smoking without stress or withdrawal symptoms.

Role of Smoking Cessation Programs

There are various types of programs designed to help people quit smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy and non-nicotine medication are categorized under medical therapy. Some people try therapies such as hypnosis, counseling, acupuncture, behavioral therapy, and motivational therapy. One of the most effective treatments available today is auriculotherapy. It works to balance the chemicals that stimulate the addiction. The treatment involves the application of electrical stimulation on the outer ears at specific points. This pain-free and drug-free procedure takes only about an hour to complete, though more than one session may be required in some cases. Endorphins, a naturally occurring substance, are produced during the process which overcomes nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. As auricular therapy has a high rate of success and minimal effects, it is a very popular smoking cessation therapy.

Well Planned Auricular Therapy Sessions

To achieve the full benefits of auriculotherapy, get treatment at an established healthcare center. This will ensure a well-planned smoking cessation program managed by specialists. All therapy is administered only after a thorough medical and psychological evaluation. The smoking cessation program would be specially planned to suit individual needs. Here are some of the reasons why professionally managed smoking cessation programs are considered the easy way to stop smoking:

  • Personalized plan to quit smoking
  • Awareness and psychological counseling sessions
  • Services of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who provide end-to-end support to help patients overcome the addiction and withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, increased heart beats, fatigue, and so on
  • Helps in the development of will and determination to quit smoking
  • Regular evaluation of treatment progress with follow-up sessions
  • High rate of success

Auricular therapy is safe, cost effective and painless, in addition to being a medication-free approach with minimal effects and risks. A positive attitude goes a long way in ensuring the success of the treatment.

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Igor Stiler is a medical consultant at HealthQuest, a leading healthcare facility center in Brooklyn, NY. We have already established a name in providing effective smoking cessation programs to help people quit the vicious smoking habit. At our smoking cessation center, we offer auriculotherapy treatment.