According to the latest conducted research, smokers are more prone to erectile dysfunction (ED). Beware Smokers, if you chose smoking then you have to sacrifice your sex life. Erectile dysfunction was previously linked to many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heard disorders, but now the latest news about the erectile dysfunction is that maximum number of smokers suffers with the erectile dysfunction. In other words you can say erectile dysfunction is related to smoking or smoking leads to the erectile dysfunction. It has been noted that sexual life of the smokers is usually deserted. Even women don’t like to have sex with the smokers as they lose the erection in between the sexual activity. Women also don’t like the smell coming through the mouth of smokers and usually avoid to be intimate with such men.

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is the inability in the men to attain the erection or sustain the erection for the sufficient amount of time during the sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the condition that makes you lose the erection in between the sexual activity, when you require the erection most. According to the latest research 65% smoking men in the world are suffering with erectile dysfunction. No other disease or abnormal condition is so closely linked to the diabetes. The research scientists have even claimed that smoking in 90% of the cases leads abnormal sexual conditions in man. Smoking is also found to reduce the sperm count in the men and thus making them impotent. Smoking leads to the unsatisfactory sexual life between the couples and finally leads to the divorce. Smoking is considered to be one of the major factors that lead to the erectile dysfunction.

The main cause of the erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood supply to the penis during the sexual activity. Smoking is one of the major causes of asthma that reduces your stamina in general and as well as during the sexual encounter. You may notice that you are tired in between the sexual activity or even at the starting of the sexual activity because of the asthma. Because of asthma less amount of blood is supplied to the penis during the sexual activity and you lose the erection before you start the penetrative sex. Asthma damages the veins that supply the blood to the penis. This in turn results into less amount of blood supply to the penis during the sexual encounter and finally causes the erectile dysfunction in the men. Asthma reduces the air flow in your body and makes you uncomfortable during the sexual encounter.

Another important side effect of smoking is atherosclerosis, in which the plaque is deposited in the arteries that supply blood to the heart and to the different parts of the body. Due to the atherosclerosis less amount of blood is supplied to the penis and thus the man who smokes a lot suffers from the erectile dysfunction. Smoking in some individuals even leads to weight gain which can further lead to the obesity. Erectile dysfunction is observed in majority of obese men. Smoking leads to the blood circulation problems in some men and thus reduces the blood supply to the penis during sexual activity. Thus, these men suffer from the erectile dysfunction. A study was conducted in which 500 men who were smoking 5 or more cigarettes in a day were put for the questionnaire regarding their sexual life. The study reveled that 65% men were having a disturbed sex life due to the erectile dysfunction.

The men who were smoking a lot were asked to reduce the number of cigarettes in a day. Then again they were asked the questions regarding there sex life and the results were quite surprising as these men were able to enjoy the good erection during the sexual intercourse. Thus, this study cleared the fact that smoking was the reason of erectile dysfunction in these men. Hence, avoid smoking if you want to remain away from erectile dysfunction. You can also use the pills like Kamagra, Zenegra, Caverta if you are not getting the erection even after reducing the number of cigarettes. But, I am sure that once you give up the habit of smoking completely then you will be able to enjoy your sex life more.

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Mr. Jack Bond is the Ph. D student in Medicine. He does the research in sexual health diseases. He believes that sex plays a significant role in developing the healthy physique and stable mind. For funding he works part time with an online pharmacy that deals in the sexual health products like Generic Viagra, Kamagra, and many more. Providing Quality Health Information is what he always strives for.