Scientific research shows that drinking tea can reduce the harm of smoking. Because tea polyphenols, vitamin C and other ingredients in tea have a degrading effect on various harmful substances contained in cigarettes, it is scientifically reasonable for smokers to love tea.

1. Reducing the possibility of smoking causing cancer
Drinking tea has anti-cancer benefits. Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit the release of free radicals and control the proliferation of cancer cells. Free radicals are a group of harmful "garbage" produced by the human body while consuming oxygen while breathing and metabolizing. It exists in almost every cell of the human body and is a major hidden danger and "time bomb" of the human body.

Studies have shown that free radicals are also an important cause of genetic variation and carcinogenesis. Under normal circumstances, the human body is in a dynamic balance of continuous generation and elimination of free radicals. The free radicals produced in cigarettes will destroy this dynamic balance. Too much free radicals are produced, and the possibility of human carcinogenesis is also increased. The catechins in tea are an antioxidant and a strong free radical inhibitor, which can inhibit tumorigenesis caused by smoking. Tea polyphenols in Pu-erh tea have a strong ability to scavenge free radicals, and they have a strong scavenging effect on superoxide anion free radicals.
According to studies, tea has the ability to block the synthesis of nitrosamines in the human body. Tea polyphenols can combine with carcinogens after entering the body to decompose and reduce carcinogenic activity, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer-causing cells. Pu-erh tea leaves are rich Contains anti-cancer substances whose concentration is quite high enough to produce anti-cancer benefits in the human body.

2. Help to reduce radiation pollution caused by smoking.
For a person who smokes 30 cigarettes a day, his lungs receive the amount of radioactive material in cigarettes in one year, which is equivalent to about 300 fluoroscopy of his skin on a chest X-ray machine. Drinking tea can effectively prevent radioactive substances from invading the bone marrow, and can quickly expel strontium 90 and cobalt 60 from the body. The catechins and lipopolysaccharide substances in tea can reduce the harm of radiation to the human body and have a significant effect on hematopoietic function Protective effects. Clinical trials using tea leaf agents to treat mild radiation sickness due to radiation have shown that the total effective rate can reach 90%.

3. Cataracts that can be prevented by smoking.
Scientific research has found that smoking is becoming a major enemy of eye health and can cause cataracts. Compared with those who never smoke, people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day are twice as likely to suffer from cataracts as non-smokers. The greater the amount of smoking, the greater the likelihood of cataracts. Drinking more tea can prevent cataracts. They believe that cataract is caused by the free radicals produced by the oxidation reaction in the human body acting on the lens of the eye, and the metabolites produced by the decomposition of tea polyphenols in tea with antioxidant effects can prevent the oxidation reaction of free radicals in the body happened.
In addition, the incidence of cataract is closely related to the level and concentration of carotene in human plasma. In patients with cataracts, the concentration of carotene in plasma is often very low, and the incidence is 3 to 4 times higher than that of normal people. Tea contains much higher carotene than ordinary vegetables and fruits. Carotene not only has the effect of preventing cataracts and protecting eyes, but also has the effects of anti-cancer, anti-nicotine and anti-tobacco. Smokers drinking tea is good for protecting eyesight.

4. It can supply vitamin C consumed by smoking.
When nicotine in cigarettes is inhaled into the body, the secretion of hormones that promote vasoconstriction will increase, and the result of vasoconstriction will affect blood circulation, reduce the supply of oxygen, and increase blood pressure. Smoking more will also accelerate arteriosclerosis and reduce the vitamin C content in the body, and accelerate the aging of the body. The content of vitamin C in tea is relatively rich, especially Pu-erh green tea. Under normal circumstances, the leaching rate of vitamin C in tea can reach about 80%. Vitamin C in tea soup is rarely destroyed at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Smokers can take an appropriate amount of vitamin C when drinking tea, especially insisting on drinking raw tea, which can completely supplement the deficiency of vitamin C caused by smoking, so as to maintain the dynamic balance of generating and clearing free radicals in the body and enhance the body's resistance. At the same time, raw tea also has the effect of strengthening blood vessels.

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