Stuffing your delightful stick with quality stuff may be one of the bare essentials for a smoker or stoner. But another crucial part of making the perfect roll is to pay attention to the paper in use. This seems a fair deal as one would have to roll their stick one-by-one.

One needs to check the quality of their smoking papers as it can help make a huge difference to the overall smoking experience. Roll papers are manufactured in different ways. And so it would not be wrong to guess that their distinguished traits add details to the rolled cigarette or entire experience.

For those who can't differentiate between quality roll papers to average-quality ones, here are some traits which one should check first.

Its Chemical Proportion:

Needless to say, quality rolling papers will have the least inclusion of chemical compositions. And those inclusions results during the formation of fibre that forms in the paper, till it's bleached.

Many may argue with the addition of chemicals and even question its inclusion. But the truth is, these chemicals help define its rate of combustion, colour and even its flavouring.

Top-manufacturers will always keep this aspect in mind and keep the chemical addition to a minimum. They will never let it interfere with the useful traits of the paper. And the best part is that these manufacturers will never let their roll papers bear any health-hampering menaces.

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Examine the Amount of Ashes:

Another crucial thing when buying roll papers is that it produces large quantities of ask when it burns. Rather than completely decomposing due to fire, poor papers melt into smaller pieces, gathers into the lungs and causes long-term health complications.

The thing with quality roll papers is their quality silk component. On burning, they produce very little smoke, and that leads to less lung-damaging possibilities.

Thickness and Fineness of the Paper:

When searching for quality roll papers, one would come across so many varieties of papers available depending on the fineness and thickness. And each of them is manufactured to cover different needs and taste buds of consumers.

When determining the thickness and fineness of the paper, one needs to keep in mind its burning rate. Even king size thin papers will burn slowly as it allows ample air to pass. This is in sharp contrast to thicker papers which burn off quickly.

Regardless of the size chosen, one should opt for thinner roll papers. At first, they could be difficult to handle owing to its thin surface. But they are great for prolonged smoke enjoyment.

True to the Swallow's Taste:

Lastly, quality smoke/joint papers will never hamper the authentic taste of the swallow. Be it herb or some flavoured tobacco; one would get its genuine flavour in every intake.

HEMP GUM seems to be a good option to look for. The gum seals the roll effectively and doesn't hamper the taste one bit.

Being aware of all these crucial traits is important for getting the best rolling papers. Even if one has to invest a few AUDs more, it is recommended to not think twice. Also look for a reputed supplier first. It's the only place where one can get genuine cig/joint roll papers.

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