Smile 400 times a day

There is an American study that published a study on children and their relationship to smiling. The study showed that children smile around 400 times a day while adults smile only 14 times every day. Big difference isn’t? People as they grow older, they seem to forget how to smile.

Ask yourself, do you smile easily? Do you smile often? Do you smile with your family and children? Try to remember the last time you heard a joke from one of your friends or family members. Did you smile or laugh? Or just nodded without smiling?

The affect of smiling

I’m going to explain an exercise that will make you realize what people will feel when you smile at them and when you don’t smile. Look in the mirror with an angry face. Notice how you look and how this angry face affects your mood. Now look in the mirror with a smiling face. What did you notice?

When you have an angry look on your face, this affects your mood and it spreads negative energy. However, when you have a smiling face, you are producing a positive energy, which is contagious and affects people positively. See how you affect others negatively when you don’t smile? And see how you attract others to you positively by a simple smile?

Benefits of smiling

To learn about the benefits of smiling, follow the quick guide below:

1. Smiling helps you enjoy your day better.

2. Smiling sends positive energy to the people around you. The more you smile, the more other people will smile too.

3. Smiling helps you fight illnesses and improves your immune system.

4. Smiling attracts people to you more easily.

5. Smiling helps improve your mood.

Always remember that “Smiling makes you feel better about yourself, even if you don’t feel like it. And it always makes other people think better of you.”

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Dia Thabet

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