Probably the first thing anybody thinks of when you combine the words cheap and racing together is Demolition Derby. In case your not in the loop demo-derby is a fun motor sport where a group of cars gets together and basically smash and bash until one is left standing (or running). What more could you ask for? We know you go to see the crashes any way.
So what are the rules? Well this can depend greatly on the sanctioning body and what type of event the race is. Events do not always consist of just smashing as everything from figure eight racing to soccer (yes soccer) can have an effect on the rules. Typically at a demo derby you will see mostly American made cars (typically there is a limit on size, weight, or vehicle type so forget about bringing that tank you got at the army surplus). Also rules regarding safety equipment and modifications are usually in place (sorry no big bumpers with spikes or flame throwers), but the beauty part is that building a race ready vehicle can usually be done for very cheap.
A nice part of buying a car for demo derby is that the options can be fairly open, because issues like no title, body damage, etc. are not really much of an issue. Pretty much just find a car that you think is going to take a few minutes of abuse and be safe to drive and take hits in and you have a starting point to build on.
Demo Derby is a very popular form of American motor-sport so your bound to find them everywhere on the grassroots level from your local dirt track to the state and county fairs. If your thinking about going demo, it would be a good idea to check with your local organization and get a copy of the rule book. Next step is to find a car and get to smashing!

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