Cracked screen, damaged ports, camera out of order or internal components altered, unlike Ironman, your Smartphone is not indestructible, the slightest shock, risking irreparable damage. This is why it is essential to protect it. Hull, case, cover or bumper, the accessories dedicated to the protection of his Smartphone are numerous. But how to make your choice among all these accessories? Between cases, cases and other accessories, discover how to choose the ideal protection for your Smartphone.

The Different Types Of Protection

You still have in mind the bitter memory of the broken screen of your last smartphone after a forced landing on the floor of the living room?

To protect your smartphone against your small blunders, without concealing the design, because that's why you chose it, you can opt for a bumper. The bumper is flexible protection that goes around the phone without covering its back because it is indeed the circumference of your phone is the most exposed to shocks.

If you regularly drop your smartphone on the ground, however, you will need a little more complete protection as a protective shell. Polycarbonate, silicone, wood, leather, aluminium, there are all kinds of shells to protect your precious phone. Able to absorb shocks, these protective covers are ideal for protecting the back of your phone. Wearing a protective shell, your mobile will be well protected against shocks that could damage its internal components.

What about the screen? With a simple protective shell, the screen of your phone is still exposed to the risk of cracks due to repeated falls on the ground. Some brands complete their models of hulls with screen protections, such as one plus 3t case and the moto g4 play case. Polycarbonate for the back and tempered glass for the screen, this ultra-complete protection will be ideal for smartphones that perform repeated stunts.

Another solution to fully protect your phone, flip case or wallet. This accessory is usually composed of a resistant polycarbonate structure for example that will welcome the phone and a flap closing with a magnet and offers full protection to the phone. Some models even replace the back shell to offer more finesse.

Protect the screen of your smartphone against dust

Whether you have chosen a bumper, a shell or a wallet, you can complete your protection with a tempered glass screen film. Because the screen of your smartphone is finally the most important part of your phone and without it, it becomes impossible to do anything with it. It is therefore important to protect it against impacts of course, but also against scratches, scratches and dust. There are several types of screen films.

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