The procedure of Smartlipo Triplex liposuction has gained a lot of popularity these days. There are many reputable plastic surgery centers that provide this procedure for women as well as men. The hips, ankles, flanks, thighs, knees, mons pubis, male breasts, abdomen, buttocks, back, upper arms, neck, chin and face can be contoured. This procedure is performed by using an FDA approved advanced laser liposuction workstation introduced by Cynosure. This liposuction treatment works the best to remove stubborn body fat, when other methods such as strenuous workouts and diet management do not work.

Minimally Invasive Laser Liposuction that Ensures Quick Recovery

A 1.0 or 2.0 mm cannula is introduced under the skin in the treatment area. This carries the laser fiber that delivers the potent laser energy to disrupt the fat. Since the cannula is very small, the procedure is a minimally invasive one. Only local anesthesia need to be administered to the patient. The cannula is moved back and forth to make sure that the laser energy is delivered appropriately. The laser energy melts the fat cells that melt and are safely drained away. The laser energy also causes collagen shrinkage and effective skin tightening. Swelling, bruising and bleeding associated with the procedure are limited.

Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction is a revolutionary procedure much sought after for its minimally invasive nature and speedy recovery process. A compression garment has to be worn for around a couple of weeks to reduce the possibility of swelling and to ensure good results. Mild to moderate muscle ache may be experienced at the procedure site. Strenuous activities should be avoided for seven to ten days.

More Benefits of the Procedure

Apart from the short recovery period, some other significant benefits are also offered by Smartlipo Triplex liposuction. These include:

Short duration procedure

If fat is removed from a particular area of the body, it will not return to the area but would get evenly distributed.
High definition contouring
Skin becomes smoother and tighter
Reliable and regulated delivery of energy
Outpatient and wide awake procedure
Short downtime
Minimal pain
Effective lipolysis
Attractive and uniform results
A reputable plastic surgeon with a lot of experience can ensure a safe and effective liposuction procedure. Discuss your aesthetic goals with the surgeon, so that a customized treatment plan can be developed. Make sure that you are having the surgery done at an established plastic surgery facility with the latest equipment and caring support staff. Smartlipo liposuction recovery will be smooth and hassle-free if you approach a caring and reliable plastic surgeon.

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Manhattan Liposuction Surgeon: An experienced surgeon can perform safe and effective laser liposuction, which helps to eliminate stubborn fat for a youthful, firm and toned appearance.