Is it your first time buying a home? Are you looking for a home loan? If so, you have landed at the right place. This article enlists specific clever tips to help first-time loan buyers procure the loan just the right way. So, keep reading:

Pay heed to the EMI amount

It is vital that the professionals opting for a first home loan near Sunshine pay heed to the EMI amount. So, check your affordability when choosing the loan repayment tenure.

Pay heed to your credit score

The first home owners of Melbourne need to pay heed to their credit scores. It is vital to maintain a good credit score while availing a home loan. If the borrower has an impressive credit score, getting the loan approved is much higher than the ones with lower credit scores. The expert suggests that you must improve it before applying for a significant loan amount if your score is low.

Try not to consider a long loan tenure

If you are a first home buyer loan in Melbourne, try to consider short repayment tenures. The sooner you repay the loan, the better it will be for you. Choosing a longer repayment tenure will reduce the burden of high EMIs, and you will end up paying higher interest in the long run. This is why you should choose a comparatively shorter tenure but at the same time, check the EMI amount that you are liable to pay every month or quarter.

Go slow and do not take too many loans

If it is your first home loan near Sunshine, try seeking professional help to head on the right path. You must understand that a home loan is a long term commitment to keeping a check on your financial liability so that you do not fall into a debt trap. Showing haste and opting for the very first option that comes your way is not wise and filled with many risks. You must ensure you have enough funds to repair your loan in case of any loss of income arising due to unemployment, illness, or any other emergency.

Pay a high down payment

If you are a first home buyer in Melbourne, Victoria, try counting on the professionals to be in a win-win situation. A higher down payment means you have a lesser amount to repay. This also means you will be charged a lesser interest on the loan amount. Making a higher down payment also improves the chances of your loan approval as it reduces the credit risk for the lender.

These words and tips to help you go about the loan buying process. If you opt for a home loan for the first time, seeking professional advice will be a boon in disguise and help you head in the right direction. It would be best if you did not get carried away by flashy advertisements and opt for a home loan without reading between the lines. It is vital to seek professional help and go away well planned and organised. Keep your documents handy and opt for a quick loan repayment tenure to be in a win-win situation.


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