Are you a small business owner? Do you try to do everything yourself? Are you becoming a master of a trades and expert of none? Do you have family and friends trying to tell you how to run your business? If you answer YES to these questions, I want you to STOP doing what you are doing and design your team.

Large corporations have advisors and a board of directors. You need to surround yourself with advisors and have your own board of directors. The things you consider work someone else considers play. I want you to make a list of things that you think of as work or a chore and find someone who is the expert in that field and ask him or her to be on your board of directors.

Your board of directors or team of advisors should consist of at least a seven key people.

1. Bookkeeper/Quick Books Professional. If you do not like doing your record keeping or understand what the reports are telling you then you need a bookkeeper or Quick Books Professional on your team. He or she will input your receipts, income and expenses into Quick Books or your appropriate software. He or she will then sit down with you and advise you on what the reports really mean. He or she can also save you money by sending out invoices and collecting payment. He or she can also remind you when to pay your bills so you do not incur late fees.

2. Tax preparer/Enrolled Agent. This person will be a fresh set of eyes on the work your bookkeeper or Quick Books Professional has done. An enrolled agent will be able to represent you if you are ever audited by the IRS. Find a person that resonates with your personality. If you are conservative and do not want to push the envelope then find a tax preparer or enrolled agent that is conservative. If you are daring, bold, and want to push the limits, find a person that also lives dangerously. You will probably not like the person if your personalities do not mesh.

3. Website Designer. You will not be taken seriously if you do not have a professional website. A homemade website is good for the first year or two when you are just starting out and truly deciding if being an entrepreneur is for you. However, after that when you start getting clients you need a professionally designed website. Interview several people and find someone that is listening to what you want and respects your budget. It is not always you get what you pay for. There are many wonderful web designers who will not charge you an arm and a leg for a website. On the flipside there are people charging mega bucks who will not produce the website that you want. You also need someone that can think for you and offer suggestions. It is his or hers job to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other ways to drive traffic to your site. He or she will also be able to advise you on the latest trends and update or maintain your website. The person must also understand your unique industry needs and trends.

4. Marketing/Public Relations Expert. Unless you went to school and studied marketing or advertising this is one area that you will spend a great deal of money when trying to “do it yourself” (DIY). DIY projects cost small business owners lost time and money. The marketing and advertising budget is probably the area where most businesses during their start up stage waste their largest chunk of money because they don’t know what they are doing. Business owners spend recklessly designing business cards and brochures using templates that everyone else is using. This is a red flag that the business is new and not profitable. The worst part is that other small business owners used the same templates and know exactly where the new small business owner purchased his or her products. The products will usually have a typo or misaligned text due to the purchaser’s error when designing the business card or brochure. You and your business are judged on the quality of your business cards, brochures, etc. Since you have not studied marketing, a marketing professional will be able to assist you in designing your items so you look big, profitable, and attract clients that will pay you for your services.

5. Lawyer. Have you attended law school? If the answer is no then you need to have a lawyer who can review your contracts. Yes, you will at one time or another need to have a contract with a client or with another business owner. Start asking other small business owners whom they use so you can find a lawyer who can be on your team. Again, ensure he or she understands your industry.

6. Banker. We all love and need money. There will be a time when you will want to borrow money for a home loan or business expansion. It is best to know what you need when you go to apply for a loan then when you want the loan. Find a small business owner friendly banker. He or she will be able to tell you what you need to have if you should ever want to get a loan. You will be surprised that banks will want more paperwork from an entrepreneur than someone that receives a steady paycheck if you want to purchase a home or get a loan. It is best to know what they will require so your Quick Books Advisor and Enrolled Agent can routinely prepare these items.

7. Business Coach. Your business coach will be your mentor, confidant, advisor, and coach. She will challenge you to take action and keep moving your business forward. She will be objective, see things through a fresh set of eyes, and tell you how she sees it. She will not pacify you or sugar coat things. When you are attacked by fear and doubt, she will help you work through the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. She will keep you focused and hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do. If you are becoming complacent, she will call you on the carpet. Your business coach will teach you the systems and strategies needed to grow your business so you earn more money.

The members you have on your board of directors should be people you trust and who you see as the expert in their field. You are relying upon them to be your other part of your brain. You expect them to advise you. You will want to sit down with your board of directors on a regular basis so they can help you grow your business. Remember, a board of directors is not just for corporations and big business. A board of directors is for the savvy business owner who want to succeed and grow his or her business.

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Coach Jaynine turns Dreams into Reality. She teaches business owners how to develop their presence in the community by having the necessary systems in place so they are seen as the EXPERT. Jaynine has over 20 years experience as a United States Marine, psychotherapist, and business owner. If you are ready to be the expert, increase your revenue and take your business to the next level contact Jaynine today at or 910-539-2810.