I personally subscribe to ezines and newsletters relating to business and personal development. After reading the ezines and listening to David Riklan's (founder of self growth) teleseminar I understand that there are following five ways an Entrepreneur/Small business owner can benefit by publishing his own newsletter/ezine.

1. Create and Maintain Relationship with Customers/Prospects: It is very important that your customers and prospects are aware of on-going benefits of products/services that you offer. They also need to understand the VALUE and USE your products/services. By sending newsletters/ezines periodically (monthly/fortnightly/weekly) and educating them of the benefits and value, you can keep in TOUCH with your customers. Even your prospects (who will eventually become your customers) will be motivated to buy from you, if you connect through your newsletters/ezines and reveal the benefits and the VALUE you bring to them.

2. Promote your OWN products/services OR other people's products/services: Once you have established an on-going relationship with your customers/prospects, it becomes easy and COST effective to promote your own products/services in your newsletters/ezines. If you have used and liked any other products/services, you can also promote those products/services in your newsletter by having an affiliate or Joint Venture relationship with the seller/service provider.

3. Build Trust: People buy products from people that they know, trust and like. As mentioned above, When you send your newsletters periodically, you have established relationship with your readers. The readers begin to build trust and look up to you as an expert. It is rewarding and fulfilling to to be your authentic self and do business with people who like and trust you.

4. Establish your reputation/Brand: Every entrepreneur is unique and has his own Vision. Your Newsletter/ezine can be a vehicle through which you can reveal your authentic self, core values and Vision. You can do this by including a section titled "Note from the Founder" Or "Personal Reflections". The readers get to know your personality and how you are evolving personally and professionally. In other words you are establishing your reputation/brand.

5. Be Proactive and You take control of marketing: Now that you have built reputation and trust, you can survey your newsletter subscribers, find out their problems and what they want. Once you have this information, you can provide solution through your OWN products/services OR offer your affiliate/JV partner's products/services.

As you can see your newsletter helps you cater to the needs of target audience and get happy customers.

Action Steps:

1. Prepare yourself and have a mindset that you do not have to be an expert writer or author to publish your newsletter. Make a commitment to begin publishing one newsletter per month.

2. Begin reading newsletters from experts in your area and start modelling them. Write one section a day. Give yourself a deadline and complete your first newsletter.

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