“Small Changes (tiniest words) Lead to Massive Reactions”
• 1. Imagine this. In 1687, old Isaac Fig Newton at Cambridge, wrote that our Universe was a tidily, predictable, mechanical system. Until 1958, the world agreed.
• 2. This meant Man could predict the future, in the present, by checking out the Past. There was no room for Unpredictability. Picture this: Newton’s principle, the “Clockwork Universe,” prevailed until about (get this!), “1958”, two-hundred & seventy-one years.
• 3. A shy professor in meteorology (weather) at MIT, Edward Lorenz, proved Newton wrong, and the world changed forever. Wait! Here’s the, “So What?”
• 4. A tiny alteration of one of twelve variables (from .506127 to .506, and “Chaos” became associated with “Unpredictability”.
• 5. Lorenz introduced the “Butterfly Effect”, meaning, “small-changes-lead to Massive Reactions.”
• 6. Lorenz raised the stupid question, “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s wings in Brazil, set off a tornado in Texas?”
The answer was: maybe, but it’s “unpredictable” because we don’t live in a Clockwork-Universe. Got it?
• 7. “Great, but so what, (who-cares?), and “What’s In-It-For-Me?” – right?”
• 8. When you focus your Attention on a subject consistently, your emotions follow. What we believe is based on how often we reinforce the same thoughts & feelings. Example: talking consistently about being “FAT!”
Leads to Body-Dissatisfaction!
• 9. February 21, 2013, Journal of Eating Disorders: “Talking about “Being-Old” (like talking about “Being-Fat”, is an important indicator of “Bodily-Dissatisfaction”.
• 10. Most intelligent people believe that, “Talk-is-Cheap!”
and irrelevant. Not! Get this, please.
• 11. Old-Talk & Fat-Talk are predictive of physical and mental health problems. These emotional conversations create our expectations and our permanent Beliefs.
• 12. Consider these contributing factors of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and mental-resistance are direct results of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
• 13. Physical changes like disease and illness are triggered by our expectations, and core beliefs about our Aging & our Appearance. They tracked 1,000 women, ages 18 to 87, and all the Brainiacs accept it today.
• 14. This research headed by Dr. Carolyn Black Becker, and
Trinity University & University of West of England focuses on the dangers of “OLD” and “FAT” talk.
• 15. Our “immune system,” causes the release of neurochemicals based on our expectations, beliefs and emotions. No intelligent person (today) believes that “Talk”, can cause illness, disease, and even lingering death. The cause must be a “virus”, “genetic”, or trauma.
• 16. No intelligent person in Columbus’ time believed the earth-was-round! It is only in the 21st century that science (neuroscience) has proven the Placebo Effect.
• 17. This principle states that your mind-body-connection can affect you (for health or disease) by your mind’s Expectations.
• 18. An injection of a saline solution (water), or taking a
Drug consisting of a sugar-pill, can trigger a healing if you have total confidence in the doctor & medical facility.
• 19. Your Beliefs and your Consistent Talk, directly affect your health & longevity. It’s your neurotransmitters in action.
• 20. Strategy:
• a) The power of Cancel, Cancel! When you have self-talk
or interpersonal-conversations we call, “Old-Talk” or “Fat-Talk”, mentally repeat once or twice with emotion,
“Cancel! Cancel!”
b) These two-words trigger your SSMC (Speech- SensoriMotorCortex) and inhibit the emotion behind the “Old & Fat-Talk. They are rendered irrelevant.
c) Mentally-picture yourself with “youthfulness, vigor and strong life-force.” Flash these “mental-movies” of yourself, up to six-times daily for 10-seconds each. It reinforces your positive bodily-image.
d) Pin pictures of yourself near or on-your-mirrors when you were at your ‘best’ weight, and looking young and vigorous. Each time you stop and see it, it reinforces your long-term memory-for-health, & longevity.
e) Last, Take four diaphragmatic-breaths, and on exhaling, produce four Hum-ms (4x), for each breath.
This strategy reverses the “Fight-Or-Flight-Response”.
• Be aware that your Brain is monitoring your “state-of-mind”, and feelings 24/7. It checks out your
“Facial Expressions, posture, gestures, and use of language” to decide to give you either good-feelings or bad. You have control by using your Willpower.
• Ask me later, how a “phony” Smile, is healthy for your immune system. Just 17-seconds of smiling raises your “brainwaves and vibrational-frequency” to JOY & HEALTH.
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler.

Author's Bio: 

H. Bernard Wechsler is the former Business Patner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading. It graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs of four (4) U.S.
Presidents. He is the Executive Director of SpeedReading101.org