When we talk about slimming down, lose weight, isn’t exercise everything you need to do in order to see large changes you also need to change other things in order to see that kind of changes.
And by other things I mean the diet, you and I all know which things we should eat and which things we shouldn’t eat. But we also both know that if we only eat the things we should, we wouldn’t last very long.
That is also why a normal diet 9 out of 10 times fails, it‘s simply too boring and it sucks to have to fight every day with the cawing for the unhealthy and “good” things.

That’s why we did it in a different way, which might work for you also, because it leaves room for some of the good things like candy, chips and a trip to Burger King or Pizza.

If it sounds good and you think this is something for you, then just read on because here's what we've done.

Dietary Fiber as the way to go
Here is some of the things that we've changed our diet so that we can keep it more slim line without being fanatical.

1: Dietary fiber a healthy part of your diet, that’s why we have banned all forms of white bread, that is, normal toast is replaced with a whole wheat version. The same goes for buns when we buy them, but we usually bake them our self where we can add carrots and sunflower seeds and so on. Do we buy any bread, then it has to be whole wheat or else it’s out.

2: White rice and white pasta are also replaced with a whole wheat version. In the beginning we only changed one of them out with a whole wheat version, because it’s a required taste that takes some time getting used to. Today we don’t eat any of them, in fact is that none of us really bother to eat the white products.

3: As I wrote before you can have some of the unhealthy things, without feeling guilty about it. Here is one thing you can do, are there pizza on the menu.
Then make it yourself, it's more or less every time a homemade pizza for us. Because it can be as a healthier version than the one you are used to be eating. Instead of using only white flour, replace some of flour with whole wheat flour in order to raise the percentage of dietary fiber in pizza. This will also make you eat less of it, thereby lowering the calories to get.!

4: Breakfast products have also been through the ringer, in order to replace them with a whole wheat product. But with all breakfast products you also have to look at the amount of sugar in it, for some whole wheat products has more sugar in them than the regular has.! So change them out also, but don’t just buy the first thing you find.!

The advantage of these products is that they all have a high content of dietary fiber, which means that you are full sooner, but this satiety also keeps longer.

If you make these simple changes to your diet, you will lose weight and that's from personal experience.
The reason to why i write personal experience, it because in 2007 i got hit by another car which rendered me disable with a bad hip, shoulder, right arm/hand, bum leg and to top it of a whiplash.

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