Being a small business owner is exciting, and challenging as well.

You’re your own boss. And at times, you will be donning multiple hats for the smooth running of your business.

Apart from clocking long hours at work, ever-changing market trends are enough to stress out any individual.

Mental exhaustion, sleep deprivation and constant worrying about cash flow can raise anxiety levels and affect productivity.

I’m listing out 4 tips for small business owners to stay calm and ward off anxiety.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1- Be in Control of Your Business

As the owner of your business, you can be involved in all elements of your business.

However, in doing so, you’re exposing yourself to more stress. So, instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, focus on the essentials.

Take a step back and see the big picture of your business as a whole.

Find the areas where you struggle the most. Then, review and make checklists, fine-tune the processes, and reduce any occurrence of “what-ifs”.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone; you don’t have to be a perfectionist.

Instead, concentrate on what is vital for your business growth.

2- Hope for the Best, But Be Prepared for the Worst

I know that the journey of a business owner is an uncertain one; it always will be.

But whatever you do, keep in mind the worst-case scenario. When you know how worse a situation can be, you stand prepared for it.

You might be stressing over venturing into a new service with your hopes high. But also fear that it might fail.
At that moment, instead of getting anxious, think about your decision and find how will it affect your business if the idea fails. Yes, the worst-case scenario.

If you are sure you can bounce back from that situation, you’ve nothing to worry about. Give your best shot.

3- Delegate Tasks that Don’t Move the Needle

Too much workload can lead to burnout and anxiety. That’s why you should delegate not-so-important tasks to others.

If you find a job that can be accomplished without the need for your skill and expertise, assign it to others.

In many cases, someone else will have more experience for a certain assignment than you.

Whether it involves record maintenance or taking care of client’s orders, get someone else to do it.

The process will be cumbersome in the beginning, with you having to review everything. So, start small. And then, gradually distribute your workload.

4- Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being present in the moment and being aware of your moment-to-moment thoughts and surroundings. Sit back and relax. Plug into your favorite music or read an author that you like. Concentrate on what’s happening ‘now’.

You don’t need to keep hustling and chasing your goals all the time. Stop and seek a fresh perspective. You’ll see that the situation isn’t as bad as you have considered it to be.

And when you become mindful of the present situation, you’ll notice you’re getting control over your anxiety.

Isaac Hammelburger, a writer for Core Wellness, LLC, says,

“Implementing mindfulness exercises that center and calm one’s emotions and help one make better and more rational choices in small and big matters in life.”

That’s what you need to have as an entrepreneur – Control over your stress and anxiety, control over your life and control over your business.

Take a step back, reach out to others and seek their opinion.

Final thoughts,

Take control of your business proceedings, delegate non-essential tasks to others and be prepared for the worst, while still hoping for the best. And most importantly, be mindful.

You may also want to take care of your nutrition and exercising schedule. Those can help you fight anxiety too.

What else do you suggest? Share in the comments.

Author's Bio: 

Sandeep Rathore is the founder of QuickScream, an Indian content marketing agency. He co-founded DoQuickly, a portal that offers easy-to-follow tips to do things quickly.

He regularly contributes to leading online publications, such as Entrepreneur, Small Business Trends, Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, and many more.