Small business PBX is considered to be the most optimal solution for smooth and efficient communication for small and medium size businesses. It is an easy-to-use software PBX for all budding enterprises. It helps to reduce business phone bills to a large extent. In SMBs (small and medium businesses) it brings good communication with customers and suppliers. It lets you take control of your calls and build your bottom line with your customers and smaller phone bills.

Full featured custom solutions for businesses
The small business PBX offers customized solutions for all kinds of business needs. Call queues, Voice to text, call routing, custom menus, multiple location connections with same number are features to name a few.

World class virtual PBX services
It is world class business phone system to simplify the communication. It is a powerful, fully featured small business phone system with exhilarating features. Some of the features are as follows:
• Auto Attendant
• Call Routing
• Multiple extensions
• Simultaneous Calls
• Dial by Name
• Find-me/Follow-me
• Voicemail to Email
• Fax to Email
• Text Message Notification
• Music on Hold/Transfer
• Call Accept/Reject
• Caller ID
• Minimal investment
• Greater versatility
• Easy management
• Quick and easy tracking and reporting
• No maintenance required
• Saves time and money
• No software or hardware to buy
• Great customer service

Voicemail and fax solutions
With voicemail and fax to email you can easily manage your business from anywhere. You can use your existing phone number, or get one local or toll-free numbers.

Find me follow me and professionally recorded greetings
It gives you flexibility to run your business from anywhere. No matter where you are, you can take calls from anywhere. You can give your customers an impression as if you are available in the office. It the most useful feature for the employees who are often on the business trip or they are away from the office due to any reason.
Professionally recorded greetings give your business a professional image. It is an effective way to impress your customers. It creates a positive first impression. Every small business owner seeks features like this so as to take his business to the next level by having a smooth communication with his clients.

In today’s era of technology people do want everything in the minimum possible time with absolute accuracy. So business must make sure that they deliver the best possible customer services. Auto-attendant feature does exactly the same. Automatic call forwarding improves the efficiency of sales and support.
This feature of auto attendant is beneficial in terms of economy. For companies which cannot afford to hire a receptionist, it is a good way for them to keep their customers from feeling abandoned is by implementing a business VoIP service with an automated attendant feature.

Hosted PBX system services enable you to have your own phones. You can reduce your business communication expenses to almost half by using Small Business PBX. You can save more and invest this saving somewhere else for making more profits. The hosting services for PBX can be availed in no time. It is available for you within a few clicks and a couple of minutes. You just order it and the services provider gives you a fully automated Virtual PBX system to achieve the desired profits in business.

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Technology specialist at ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system, Virtual PBX and more. Their enterprise class PBX VOIP services include top notch features like Unified Communication.