As a small business owner and business coach I am always on the lookout for unique ways to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. Earlier in the year, I recommended three resources that allowed the user to put their hand written signature in their emails, on their website, or other marketing materials. We all have seen them and they look unique and professional. It also shows off the person’s unique personality. It appeals to the reader.

However, it has been brought to my attention that identity thieves are copying these signatures and using them. I guess I do not have a criminal mind because I never thought about that. So with that scenario buzzing around in my head I want to remind you to safe guard your signature.

Electronic signatures have become a norm and acceptable form of doing business online. If someone has your signature and is using it how will you dispute that “it isn’t your signature” when it looks exactly like your handwritten signature?

As we proceed into the Holiday Season it is important for not just business owners but consumers alike to safe guard their identity. Here are my three tips for safeguarding your signature.

1. Remove your signature from your email, website and blog. Make it hard for an identity thief to forge your actual signature.

2. No Forging. Do not allow your employees to “forge” your signature when you are out of the office. As a business owner take the necessary steps to designate who can represent you. This may be in the form of allowing the trusted employee to have a business credit with his or her name on it. Consult with your bank on how to set up the trusted employee to sign your checks when paying bills etc. These tips also apply to family members. We know at one time or another we have given our child our credit card to use. If you want your child to have an “emergency” credit card to use contact your credit card company so they can issue a card in your child’s name.

3. Respect. Respect your signature with the same level of security as you would your intellectual property, social security number and passwords.

My three tips for safeguarding your signature will aid you in preventing your identity from being stolen by unscrupulous people. Do not make it easy for the identity thieves. Remove your signature from your email and websites. Do not allow employees or children to forge your signature. Make the time to set up accounts so employees can conduct business legally on your behalf. Respect your signature. Hold it close and safe guard it the same as you would your birth certificate, passport, or social security number.

These three tips will help you grow your business and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Author's Bio: 

Jaynine Howard is a retired United States Marine and former psychotherapist. She is the owner of Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching. Founded in 2006, Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching helps business owners, nonprofits, and individuals nationally and internationally turn their dreams into wealth and success. Coach Jaynine and her team of associate coaches will help you jump start your business and life through business, career, and life coaching. Jaynine is a member of the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, the Carteret Chamber of Commerce, the American Psychological Association, 24/7 Coaching, and Coachville. You can learn more about Coach Jaynine and her MYOB Fall Retreat by visiting or by calling 910-539-2810 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              910-539-2810      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.