“It’s all about what they don’t say than what they do.”

Business is a tough game, piled high with challenges, obstacles, problems and, of course, reward, that usually comes when you’re ready to give up. Owner-managers and founding directors face major dilemmas throughout both the start-up and growth phases of their businesses, such as how to write an effective business plan that allows finance to be raised; how to make a strategy that drives business growth; how to manage business’s finances effectively, so that over years to construct a business that grows, not that survives.

Many entrepreneurs may not have the necessary skills and experience to meet all the challenges – as a rule, few people do. Taking appropriate and practical advice is therefore a keystone in achieving commercial success.

“You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”” – George Bernard Shaw

One thing is certain – growth from small, to a more complex business does not come easily without undergoing difficult changes to the structure of the business, people, processes and systems. The responsibility for making a small business successful falls on the founders, directors and key managers. The changes are due to the discipline and thinking managers. Before getting ready for taking your business up on the scale of success, you have to strike a balance between stable change and rapid growth.

The first most important point in generating sales by the founders is in creating close relationships with a few key costumers. Never try to “clone” other businesses, create your own magnet for attracting quality costumers. Understanding the role of information is necessary to ensure that the smooth flow of information is actively nurtured in business development plans.

Systems and processes do not have to be formal – it’s necessary to have access to all the areas of the organization, to check how things work – I mean, to see how all the staff works. Formality makes life more difficult because it disrupts people’s normal relationships and working habits. Make a lifestyle at home and at your work, and you’ll see how things begin to change.

The old ways of doing things is no longer good enough. The area of greatest growth is in staff numbers and the diversity of operational tasks.

It’s all about the strategies you use, not the tactics you know. Being a visionary leader adopts a new attitude in your business. One of the best things you could do in growing your business is to pay attention to human processes rather than solely to tasks.

If you’re about to work with people and costumers, then you should work on your leader capacities – How to influence people and how to build self-confidence? – that’s what will lead you to achieving positive outcomes from meetings with key people.

Managing people effectively and efficiently requires much more than these essential skills.


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Nothing is more valuable than love for one another and a strong faith in God. Look for wonderful things that determine you rather than paying too much attention to things that are wrong. I’m encouraged by your interest in being a positive person. Some encouraging words are difficult to say, maybe, but…by practicing them, you will be rewarded by the results..I’ll try to inspire others by thinking positive, to use their talents and fulfill their potential. Positive thinking and encouragement are essential for leadership and progress. Positive thinking is infectious and a concentrated fuel for change. People will follow those who blaze a positive trail. Please enjoy my writing, and hope to have with you future implications.

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