Keeping business on track is quite a task for every company. More so, when we speak about smaller businesses, it's quite a task for them and that is the reason, they rely on the professional bookkeeping services who guide them through the steps that these businesses need to go through to set up their accounting structure. Here are the steps that these small accounting firms would take the businesses through.

Open the Bank Account

After registration of the business is done with, and it becomes a legal, registered business, what a newly formed company will need is a place to stash the income acquired from the business. The accounting firm will help the company to open a separate bank account and this will be one of the identities of the business and it will help the company when it's time to pay the Income Tax. It should be mentioned that the LLCs, the partnerships, and the cooperative businesses need to have a separate and exclusive bank account for the business.

The professional bookkeeping service providers in Joondalup will help these businesses to set up the bank account and thus, squirrel away a significant percentage of every payment as the self-employed tax withholding. These services will also help their clients to obtain a business credit card, for building business credit to avoid combining business and personal assets. These service providers will help to shop through various banks and compare the fee structures for opening the account.

Track the Business Expenses

The base of solid preservation of business records starts from the knowledge of tracking the expenses effectively. This is an extremely crucial step, which allows you in monitoring the business growth. It also helps to generate financial statements, keeping an effective track of the deductible expenses, preparing the tax returns, and providing the supportive documents along with the tax returns. The small business accountants in Perth will help a business in all these, guiding all throughout.

Generate a Bookkeeping System

Then, these service providers will help in establishing a bookkeeping system. It will help the businesses to understand the basics of bookkeeping, the way it differs from accounting, the way to preserve the day to day transactions and categorising them, reconciliation of bank statements (BRS), and the likes.

Set Up a Credible Payroll System

This is another way these small accounting firms in Perth as any other place would help small businesses and entrepreneurs. They will help in setting up the parameters of the payroll system credibly and feasibly to set the ball rolling for the business.

Investigate on the Import Tax, Duties, and Other Related Issues

Depending upon the model and modus operandi of the business they are dealing with, these small accounting firms would help in the setting of the plan of purchasing and importing goods from other states or even countries for sale. In this regard, they will help the business to make in-depth research on import tax, import duties and other related issues, and the latest rules and norms in this regard.

So you see there are various ways in which these accounting and bookkeeping service providers in Perth will help small businesses and the startups in their business endeavour.

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The author is the owner of one of the most coveted small accounting firms that offer bookkeeping services in Joondalup, Perth. The author is an experienced accountant and is an avid blogger.