As you know, slumber party games are a favorite fun activity for kids, teenagers, and even adults. Having a sleepover party with friends and playing various creative games in it is an all-time favorite activity for all ages, especially teenage girls.

So when you are hosting a slumber party, one of the important things you want to make sure your party has, is some fun game ideas planned to spend the night and bring lots of laughter and nice memories.

Slumber parties for teenage girls used to be just about watching movies, talking, and eating snacks until the morning. But today teens have become more creative and like to add a more variety of fun activities to their sleepover party.

In this free helpful article, you are going to discover 3 entertaining games you can play at your sleepover party...

Most Popular Fun Slumber Party Game Ideas

Some of these games are playful, and some more wild and naughty. You can choose your favorite based on what you like and what you know your other friends will enjoy as well.

1. Slumber Game: Sleeping Beauty

It is a popular interesting game where someone is chosen to be the sleeping beauty and the other players must find funny ways to wake her up (get her to laugh).

2. Slumber Game: Name That Tune

You simply play the beginning of a song before the artist starts singing, and the person who can guess the name of the son fastest, is the winner. It is a fun game to play at a sleepover party for teenage girls.

3. Slumber Game: Free Beauty Stations

Set up beauty stations around the room and pamper your guests with free makeup and dressing games. Then you can switch places and your friends do it for you. Every teenage girl enjoys to be treated like a beauty queen for a night.

Want More Fun Slumber Party Game Ideas?

There are many other creative ideas you can play at your teen sleepover gathering. For example if you have a pool, playing a pool party is a great idea as well.

Have fun planning your girl sleepover night!

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