Wearing unflattering clothes can add as much as 15 pounds to your appearance. Here are five styles that will slim you down and show off your body to the best of its ability.

V-Neck Sweaters

V-Necks create the illusion of height, which makes your body look slimmer. Do not choose a v-neck with a bulky fabric. Thin knits, cashmere, and cotton are all good fabric choices for looking slimmer. Choose a sweater that is snug but not tight in the shoulders, chest and arms with a length that will sit high on your waist to show it off. Make sure you have a small, form-fitting undershirt under the sweater. A bulky or baggy undershirt will make your outerwear look bulky and baggy as well.

Underfit undershirts

Undershirts are as much to blame by causing the illusion of weight gain as bulky sweaters are. When undershirts are loose or do not move well with you, they make the body bulkier and your outer clothes will look bulkier and less comfortable because of it.

Underfit is a v-neck undershirt that hides well under clothes. It forms to your body so it won't create added bulk and it moves with you for extra comfort and the best look possible. It tucks into your pants easily and is stretchy enough to be comfortable. It also wicks moisture away from your body so you can feel cool and comfortable all day and not sticky and gross. The fabric is also soft and does not irritate the skin and it is odor resistant as well.


Jackets help make you look slimmer and keep you warm. Buy jackets one size above too small to avoid excess fabric adding bulk and also tightness around the shoulder and torso.

Jackets must stop at the waist. Sleeves should stop just before wrists to lengthen the arms. Avoid any jackets that come with a waistband because it puffs out the fabric which makes the torso look really puffy. Pay attention to how the jacket hangs from the abdomen. Make sure it does not look like a skirt around the stomach. Also, get shoulders that end either right after your shoulders or a little bit past them, which can make your shoulders broader which makes your waist narrower. The collar should be flush against the back of the neck. If you can slip one or two fingers in between the collar and the back of the neck when you are in a neutral standing position, then it is too big.

Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Make sure your dress shirts are slim fit, extra slim, modern, or athletic. These shirts are made to make you look slimmer and show off your body instead of hiding it under bulky and baggy fabric. Make sure the shirt fits comfortably without bunching or pulling in any areas. Avoid shirts whose buttons are stressed when you wear it because it makes you look wider. If you cannot cross your arms, then the shirt is too tight. Also avoid stripes and bright colors, instead sticking to white or dark colors to hide any fat rolls or impurities in your look. Vertical and horizontal strips both draw too much attention to the torso while also making you look wider. If you are wearing them under a suit jacket, then make sure the shirt collar is tucked under the lapel. This gives a touch of elegance and smooths the silhouette.

Black V-Neck T-shirts

If you are in a casual setting, a form fitting black t-shirt is perfect for making you look slimmer. Black is a great color that hides any problem areas and v-necks will add to your height which automatically makes you look slimmer. Make sure the t-shirt is not baggy or tight. It should fit your shoulders comfortably curve around your waist to hug your form. Choose a thin fabric like cotton to avoid any bulkiness. Your t-shirt should end at your hips so it will not show your stomach but not overlap with your pants. Do not tuck in your t-shirt ever, especially with a belt. It puffs out the fabric and makes you look bulkier and with a beer gut.

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