Slept With My Ex While In A Relationship: Why Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Want To Sleep With Me

After a breakup, it is natural to miss your ex, and want to try to do things to go about patching up the relationship and giving things a second chance, but sex with your ex is the least effective way to go about actually getting your ex back. When you want to rebuild a broken relationship, it cannot be done on the basis of sex, and if you resort to sex with your ex, your relationship will be purely physical - this is the last thing that you want. You want to have your ex back in a deeper, more meaningful way, as a partner in life, not just someone to be intimate with.

The "booty call" is the last thing you want to end up as in your partners mind. While sex with your ex might mean a lot to you, there is a good chance that to your partner it is just convenient sex, and this is not the kind of relationship you can build anything meaningful or long-term from - it is stagnated by the very nature of the relationship.

This is a recipe for heartbreak as the contact means more to you than it odes to your partner. You are going to lose self-respect when you realize your mistake and that you are no closer to getting him or her back before you resorted to sex with the ex. You want it to mean more than you can ask from your partner - they think they are getting a "no strings attached" fling, while you think it is the way back into their heart. This can never end well.

This can set you up for a really depressing realization that sex with your ex has done nothing but wound your pride and tarnish your dignity. You read more into the meaning of the encounter than your ex did, and you are now realizing that your chance to get them back is now much slimmer than it was before you had sex with your ex

It is natural to want to get your ex back, and while it is certainly not a simple feat to achieve, it is possible. But sex with your ex is not an effective strategy to make that happen. You are more likely to end up with wounded pride and yet more heartbreak. What you might view as meaningful, your partner likely views as sex, plain and simple. This is not a guarantee that he or she will come back to you, in fact is lessens your chances of that happening because they are getting what they want without complications. Respect yourself and do not have sex with your ex as a means to try to reconcile, you'll only end up disappointed.

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Though you want your ex back more than anything, and are willing to try pretty much anything get a second chance, sex with your ex is the worst strategy you could possibly employ to make this happen. In fact, it is likely to backfire in your face, in no way helping to get your ex back, and leading to further heartbreak fro you. You want your ex back, not just the intimate parts of the relationship, but the whole deal. But by having sex with your ex, you set a precedent and this is not the type of foundation a real, solid, relationship can be based on.

It is best to avoid sex with your ex if at all possible as it will only cause you to lose respect for yourself and hurt your chances of actually getting your ex back. "Friends with benefits" is a term often pandered around these days, but this is not the type of relationship you are looking for. Sex is nice, and sure, it is even important in relationships, but it cannot be the foundation upon which it is built.

Sex with your ex can set you up for almost guaranteed heartbreak. It is important to note that while to you personally, sex is a very special and scared thing, that this is not the view of many others, and your ex may be included in this population. Just think about how many casual sexual encounters you hear about it all forms of media, these are not passionate, love filled encounters, they are arrangements based purely on sex. If you fall prey to having sex with your ex, you are sending the signal that this arrangement is all right with you - even it if isn't.

Once you've succumbed to having sex with your ex, it becomes very difficult to make any progress towards returning to a real, deep, and solid relationship. Intimacy is only one of many very important factors that make up a solid and happy relationship and after a breakup, the last thing you want to do when you really want him or her back, is to make them think that casually using you for sex is a something you are all right with.

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Do you tend to send your ex boyfriend text after text, even if he stops replying to your texts altogether? Well, it is actually a horrible idea to text your ex boyfriend that much if you are hoping to win your ex boyfriend back eventually. In fact, it would be a horrible idea to even think about texting your ex boyfriend for a month after the breakup.

You need to know that the actual text messages aren't to blame for the bad things that tend to happen when girls try to text their ex boyfriends back. What is to blame is what the ex boyfriends do with the text messages. This doesn't necessarily mean that they show off the texts to their friends and laugh at them, but they do use the texts for their own emotional satisfaction. And once they are satisfied, they won't bother texting back anymore.

See, during the first month after a breakup, your ex boyfriend is sure to miss you every now and then, whether he admits it or not. This holds especially true if you were together for a long time and he got used to spending time with you and talking to you. Now that you are no longer together, he is sure to miss you, if even just fora little bit.

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When he thinks about you, feelings are sure to come back and he will end up looking at old photos and might even text you just to get back in touch with the human contact that he was once used to.

However, if you have already texted a lot to win your ex boyfriend back, he will already have entire conversations with you stored in his phone, which he will read over and over again. This eliminates his need to keep texting you because he will get the emotional satisfaction that he needs by re-reading your texts. Makes sense, right? So, try to avoid texting too much to win your ex boyfriend back as this will only work against you later on.

So, as strange as this might sound, you really should limit the amount of text messages that you send if you want to win your ex boyfriend back. The more unavailable you are to your ex, the more he will miss you and long to contact you and the more he longs to contact you, the more he will want you back of his own accord. Think about it.

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Stop doing stupidly painful things- That's true, that you do it to yourself, because you sit there all day thinking way too much about the breakup and you are always constantly trying to argue who is right or wrong. Instead of spending all of your time on this emotional roller coaster, concentrate at least on self improvement so that you at least have improved rather than becoming depressed. Besides, do you really think that your ex would want to be around someone who is depressed? Exactly!

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Expect less to get more- If you do not expect anything from your ex, he/she would instantly feel like you are getting over the breakup too fast. You see, your ex does not want you to get over him/her, because they enjoy the attention. As well, it is a psychological trick you can use, to not have any expectations on your ex, because what will happen is that your ex will instantly start doing things your way then, because you are leaving it as a choice.

Control yourself- Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off does not work, and it only makes you look like a desperate and pathetic nut case! Stop calling your ex so much, stop bothering him/her etc... stop freaking out over the breakup basically! You see, once you do this, you will gain all the control of the situation, so that you can finally pull your ex back.

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