Slept With My Ex Now He's Ignoring Me: Slept With My Ex and Now He Won't Talk To Me

When you want to get back with him or her, sex with your ex is perhaps the WORST way to go about doing it. The last thing you want to do is rebuild a relationship, and that relationship be purely physical and based on sex. You want love, respect, and kindness from your ex, along with intimacy, not JUST the intimacy.

One of the best things you can do, so you can continue to respect yourself, is to avoid have sex with your ex once you've split. It might be difficult, but both you and your ex will respect you more in the end for it.

You do not want to end up in a "friends with benefits" fiasco as this is not at all what you want, nor expect out of a relationship. While intimacy is nice, and it IS important, it is only one small part of a relationship. You have to build on other things as well and setting up a situation where you have sex with your ex, you are risking your heart and your pride.

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Having sex with your ex can set you up for an emotional breakdown. Remember, people have sex all the time for no other reason than that they enjoy it. There is a good chance that, after the breakup, the sex will be just that to your ex - sex, plain and simple. You may read more into the experience than her or she will and this will set you up for heartbreak. They could be under the assumption that you are cool with a no-strings-attached fling, and that is the last thing you want.

Getting your ex back is no easy task and if you have sex with your ex, you will make this endeavor even more of a challenge. Sex is only one aspect of a full and healthy relationship, and if you've split, the last thing you want to do is start with the sex part and hope the rest follows along later. This is a recipe for disaster and heartbreak. You do not want to be used, you want to be loved, to be respected, and this will not happen if you have sex with your ex.

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Sleeping with your ex is not going to help you get your ex back. This is probably true in almost all, if not all situations. Think about it, if your ex can sleep with you without getting back together, why would he want to get back together?

Perhaps, you have tried every single thing that you know. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you just cannot get your ex back. Therefore, you have decided to sleep with your ex so that your ex will change his mind.

This is definitely not how things work. A healthy relationship is never built upon sex. Even if he does get back together with you after sleeping with you, chances are the relationship is not going to last anyway. This is because the relationship is not built upon a strong foundation.

Why would you want to get back together with him only to lose him again? One thing to take note of is that a break up happens because of an underlying reason or two.

If you want to get back together with your ex, it is more important to work on the underlying problems. Sleeping with your is not going to help to solve those problems.

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If you have an undying desire to get your ex boyfriend back, this article is intended to help you...even if your situation is totally unique and seems next to impossible. Repairing a relationship doesn't happen overnight. However, you CAN get your lover back in most situations by approaching a breakup the right way.

This article briefly discusses 3 important steps you should take immediately to help you get your ex boyfriend back. By reading to the end, you'll learn to avoid several common mistakes which often ruin relationships for good.

Step 1 - Stop The Panic And Get Out Of Desperation Mode

After a breakup when you find yourself still in love with your ex, it can be extremely difficult to be without them. You feel like your entire world just fell apart. You become desperate to reverse the situation.

This desperation causes you to go into panic mode. You'll know you're in panic mode if you have a strong urge to do something quick before you lose your ex boyfriend for good. Panic leads to acts of desperation such as begging, pleading, and apologizing repeatedly to your ex to get them to talk to you and give you another chance.

Panic makes you look weak and needy...and ultimately unattractive. When you become an emotional wreck out of desperation, it only serves to push your ex boyfriend further away. Take a step back and relax. Even if your ex boyfriend is dating someone else, it's still entirely possible to get him back.

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Step 2 - Separate Yourself From The Situation So Your Boyfriend Can Miss You

The biggest mistake most people make when trying to get an ex back is not taking a step back and creating space. It's difficult to give your ex space when you become sad, lonely, and depressed. However, that's exactly what you need to do if you want him back.

Time and space shift the dynamics of the relationship back in your favor. If you're always around trying to talk to and see your ex, then your ex can't miss you. If your ex still feels like you're a part of his life, then he won't do anything to reverse the situation.

Instead, he'll simply date other women because he knows you're sitting around waiting for him if he decides he still wants to be with you. He doesn't feel he's losing anything. Reverse this by creating space and taking time away from him.

Step 3 - Don't Try To Repair Your Relationship Overnight

The first few weeks after a breakup are extremely difficult. Most mistakes are made during this time. Patience is key. Even if you still long to be with an ex boyfriend you broke up with months or even years ago, it's still possible to get him back.

There's no reason to rush back into a relationship you're not ready for. It's important to identify what went wrong and work on fixing those things so they don't happen again. Your next steps are below.

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While in a relationship you give no thought to whether you like being in this relationship or whether you're suited to one another or not. You just go along because you're already in it. Only after you break up do you stop to ponder over the value of the other person and that you want them back. Handle this problem with the astounding ways suggested.

Maintain your dignity

Dignity and self respect are the two aspects that you should maintain even as the break up is happening. He should not be allowed to see that you've crumbled because he's called it a day with you. Be brave and take it in your stride.

Ponder over the cause

With time on your hands it would be worth pondering the cause of the break up. How did it start and what caused this unpleasantness. Figure out where you went wrong and what can you do to alter the situation and change things.

Highlight his qualities

List out his qualities and whether he is the person you still want in your life. Once you've decided on this you will be able to appreciate the worth of your ex boyfriend and decide about wanting him back. Tell him you appreciate him and realize what you have lost.

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Transform yourself to his liking

There was something about you and your personality which attracted him when he first met you. Reflect over that and determine that you will be that same person once again. Work diligently on improving yourself and then let him see the difference.

Be attractive

Have you, with time, neglected to pay attention to your looks and overall turn out? If so, then why won't a man look at others and drift away gradually. There's no time to waste! Get to the parlor fast and get your face and hair done to compliment you.

Contact him

When you're ready to present yourself then get in touch. Send him a note or mail, telling him that you had been to his friend's birthday party and expected to see him there. Tell him all about the party and that some very old friends were there too and asking about him.

He's sure to revert

He's sure to revert to know who those friends were and this time you could talk at length. In fact invite him over to the get together you have arranged for these old friends. He is bound to attend. From here you could pick up the strings to meet him and talk things over.

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