Slept With My Ex and Regret It: Slept With My Ex What Does It Mean

"I slept with my ex." Oops. You're probably saying this with a lot of regret. You should be. Depending on what kind of a future relationship you were hoping for with your ex, sleeping with them may have dramatically changed that. Adding intimacy to an emotionally charged situation like this is a recipe for disaster. At the time it probably seemed incredibly logical. Now you can sense that it just wasn't a good idea.

Sleeping with an ex shifts the dynamic between the two of you. Obviously you were on speaking terms before the intimacy occurred. This was likely because you both were still holding onto some lingering feelings for one another. It's hard to sift through all the raging emotions after a break up. There are days when you feel relieved that the relationship is behind you and then other days when you literally ache to be back with your former lover.

Once you reach a point where you genuinely feel that you want another chance with your ex, everything changes. The way you interact with them is different. You hold onto every word they say hoping to hear a small signal that suggests they want you back too. Your entire focus is on how you can win them back and keep them this time.

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That's one of the reasons intimacy seems like such a grand idea. It's all about closeness, right? If you sleep with your ex it clearly shows that they want you back too or does it? Sex has little to do with love after a break up. If you two enjoyed a robust sex life when you were together, that might be all your ex misses now. They may long for the physical closeness and nothing more.

You can easily gauge how your ex feels after you two sleep together. If it takes days or even weeks to hear from them again, they're probably not holding their breath hoping to be with you again. In fact, they may only be calling you again now because they're looking for an intimate partner.

If you fall into that role in your ex's life, it's very difficult to get out of it again. If you truly are hoping to rekindle the romance that has been lost, steer clear of being intimate with them for now. Keep things on more of a friendship level until you can rebuild the foundation of something more.

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After your ex left, you were likely heartbroken and confused. You've tried, unsuccessfully, to get over them, and your mind continues to reel with the question "how can I get my ex back?". The possibility of getting them back seemed, while remote, still possible. But then the worst thing you could ever imagine happens - they move on to someone else. This certainly means all hopes of getting them back are now gone, right? Wrong.

While it will be difficult, it is possible to affirmatively answer "yes!" to that burning question "can I get my ex back?" Read on to find out how.

The first thing you must do is stop trying to contact your ex. If they've moved on, it is obvious that your attempts to reconnect with them have been, up to this point, unsuccessful. Stop now before you become the butt of a private joke between your ex and their new flame.

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This is the time to make some major self improvements. Think back on your relationship to anything you and your ex fought about. Were there things they mentioned that they wished you would change? Certain behaviors that simply drove them mad? These are things that you will need to work on to make yourself more appealing, and not only will this make your ex take a second look at you, it will also make you a more likable, well rounded person in general.

Spend your time with people who make you happy, and more importantly, make you laugh. If you've been wondering endlessly "how can I get my ex back", the answer lies in improving you. No matter what the end result, this is the absolute best thing you can do. It will make you happier, boost your self-confidence, and show your ex exactly what they are missing out on in a life without you.

There is a good chance that your ex is missing your calls and attempts at contact - even though they are with someone else. You must also be sure that they will notice the positive changes that you have made in your life and be curious about all the new things you have going on. This will make them rethink the breakup. Chances are, the new flame in their life is just a rebound fling, and they will be back where they should be in no time at all - with you!

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Ask your ex to do you a small favor - Make it seem like a challenge to your ex, where they would be grateful to help you. Believe it or not, your ex will probably actually help you, simply because you are only asking a small thing, and secondly because he/she does still like you. As well, with time you can evaluate the situation to ask more favors etc, until finally your ex is just willingly and openly doing things for you and spending time with you, without you even having to ask.

Become as outgoing as possible - When you become extremely outgoing, you will have less time to go crazy over your ex, which saves yourself from a lot of grief; but also you will end up causing your ex to become really curious about you. Your ex will notice that you aren't paying him/her as much attention, and will wonder why you have suddenly seemed to move on. That curiosity will feel like a slap in the face to your ex, because it will seem like rejection from you, and he/she will start trying to prove that they are still good enough for your time and attention.

Date your ex's best friend - Date one of your ex's best friends for a brief period, and this will drive your ex absolutely nuts. Not only does it force your ex to see you with someone else, but it will make your ex feel like dumping whoever they are with, just to stop their feeling of jealousy. You see, your ex was once linked to you emotionally, and this is the fastest way to bring out those emotions again, is to simply date again and make your ex jealous.

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We all make mistakes. But if your man has left you because of your mistake then you need to convince him to give you another chance. Here is what you will need to do to compel your man to see that you are the one for him:

Understand why he broke up with you

The key to convincing your man to give you another chance lies in understanding the actual reason for his anger and disappointment. Figure out what went wrong so that you can say the right things and redeem the situation.

Don't push him too much

When you want your ex to be convinced to come back to you, you have to stop trying too hard. Pushing him constantly to get back with you is going to put him off you even more. Act smart and give him space to miss you so that he himself can realize that he wants to be with you.

Apologize for your mistake - just don't overdo it

You need to apologize for the mistake that you have made and give your ex a heartfelt apology. But you shouldn't go overboard apologizing. Give your ex one genuine heartfelt apology and show him that you mean it. Apologizing each time you see him makes you look desperate.

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Disconnect for a little while

Once you have offered your apology you need to back off. Give your ex an opportunity to come to terms with what has happened and also the opportunity to accept the apology. This time alone will make him see what you really mean to him.

Don't start dating just yet

If you want to convince your ex to come back to you then you have to make him see that you are serious about him. Going all out on a dating spree is going to dilute this and the seriousness of your efforts will go to waste.

Don't get desperate to get back with him

You have to be patient when you want to convince your ex to get back with you. Don't get desperate and lose your patience and try to talk him into it. Give him the right reasons to get back with you.

Show him that you are willing to wait - but not forever

Finally you need to make your ex see that you are willing to wait for him but not forever. Get this message across to him as gently as possible. This will get him thinking and will compel him to come back to you.

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