Sleeping With My Ex Boyfriend Who Has A Girlfriend: My Ex Wants To Sleep With Me But He Has A Girlfriend

"Should I sleep with my ex? Can I win him back if I sleep with him?"

Perhaps you want to stop your break up and you are willing to do anything in order to win your ex back, even to the extent of sleeping with him.

What is my take on that?

Well, my advice to you is that you must really reconsider your decision. Chances are that sleeping with him will not help you to get him back. It may even make the situation worse.

First, there are always one or few main problems that can cause a break up. If both of you don't deal with those problems, they will most probably resurface again after both of you got back together.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see couples patching up and break up again, sometimes to the extent of several times. You definitely do not want to go through the pain of breaking up more than once.

In the best scenario, maybe you can get your ex back for a short period of time. But chances are some time later, both of you may break up again as the main problems in your relationship are not solved yet.

Of course, ultimately, it is still your decision. I shall not discuss whether it is right or wrong to do that as it really depends on an individual' background and culture. But you will definitely want to think carefully about it. Make sure that you don't do something that you will regret later.

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If you've broken up with your ex boyfriend and are wondering how to get him to love you again, you're not alone. Breakups often occur in a split second. Something happens. Something gets said. Tempers flare and someone storms out the door. A few days pass and you soon find yourself wishing you could turn back time and reverse the entire situation.

You may not be able to turn back time, but you CAN get your ex boyfriend to love you again. Reading to the end of this article will help you do just that.

Learn To Avoid The Quick Solution

If you want to get your ex boyfriend to love you again, you need to be careful of quick solutions. What happens when you feel desperate and start looking for a quick fix? You start begging. You start pleading. You become emotional and start proclaiming your undying love and telling your ex boyfriend how you can't live without him.

And what does he do? He runs!

The reason for this is simple: seeking the quick solution makes you look needy and desperate. Your boyfriend will never be attracted to the clingy, emotional side of you. Men don't know how to deal with emotional women, and your boyfriend will want to move away from the uncomfortable situation.

Remember, love is never forced. It happens on its own. If you want your ex to love you again, then you need to accept the breakup, take a step back, and create least for a while.

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Be Honest - The Truth Needs To Be Heard

If you want your ex boyfriend to love you again, then you need to be completely open and honest with him about your relationship. Tell him the truth rather than telling him what you think he wants to hear.

If you've made mistakes, own up to them and take responsibility. Love requires trust, and he can't trust you if you're not honest with him.

Be Less Available And Continue Living Your Life Without Him

To make your boyfriend want you, become less available. It may seem counterintuitive, but people always want what they don't have. If your ex knows you're sitting at home waiting for his phone call, then he's less likely to want you than if he sees you out living your life and being happy without him. When you're constantly around, he has no chance to miss you.

Become more rare, and you become more valuable.

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Did you and your boyfriend breakup now all you want is to find out how to win him back? All relationships are not trouble-proof. Mistakes can happen, someone gets hurt, someone leaves, and someone is left behind. But just because you and your boyfriend are on a break doesn't mean that it really is over between you two.

When figuring out how to win him back, one thing you do need to do is to give each other space. If you try and Google every relationship advice in the Internet, you will notice that the articles would mention just how essential the No Contact rule is. They would advice you not to be clingy because this will only push your man further away.

But then again, how do you distinguish a clingy ex girlfriend to a loving one?

Without even realizing it, even the best girlfriends can become clingy. Women tend to be clingy when they feel like they are not loved or appreciated in a relationship. In this case, you feel clingy because you and your boyfriend broke and you just don't want to let him go. You become insecure which will then lead you to beg your man to come back to you.

In other words, if you want your man back, then you need to learn and avoid clingy ex girlfriend habits:

· Even if you're on a break, you still don't want him to have female friends

· You keep tabs on where he goes and who he goes out with

· You keep calling him and sending him messages even though he said he just wants some space

· You're too focused on getting him back that you forgot to have a life of your own

· You keep telling him that you're sorry and that you love him over and over again

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· You feel insecure when you think about him moving on and meeting other women

· You're afraid of never getting him back that you forgot to take care of yourself

· You're desperate for his attention and you want to be the center of his world again

It's natural to feel devastated after a breakup. You're not made of stone so of course your emotions will be in turmoil. But being clingy and desperate will not improve your situation. Instead of focusing on your fears and doubt, you can focus on how NOT to be a clingy ex girlfriend. That way, you'll have a better chance of getting him back.

How do you break the clingy ex girlfriend habits?

· Focus on yourself and how you can bounce back from this terrible experience

· Get busy and hang out with friends to get your mind off things

· When you and your ex are on speaking terms again, keep the conversations light and away from your breakup

· Let him be for now because it's likely he's also dealing with the breakup

· It's better if he remembers you as a strong and independent individual so find ways to regain your self-esteem

· Be civil if you meet him

· Stop apologizing every time you talk to him because he gets the gist

"How to win him back" can be tricky but not impossible. Just remember that one of the ways you can be successful is to make sure that you are not a clingy ex girlfriend.

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If you are whining and crying all the time, your boyfriend is never coming back! How can you when he sees how emotional of a wreck you are! Quit whining and get up and start taking care of yourself!

Start dealing with reality and realize the relationship is over. Now, think about what you would like. How will you make it happen? The past is in the past and you need to move on with your life.

Right now, if you decided to speak to each other, you would still say hurtful things. There is still open wounds that need to heal. You both need time to get over the bad stuff. There was stuff said and stuff that was mistakes. You both need to sort these things out separately. You will never get him back if you do not do these things!

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If you wish to call, text, or email... don't! Your ex is still mad at you and hurt. It will do more harm than good. You must be patient and strong for each other. If you do not listen, you will destroy whatever threads was left of the relationship!

So, dry your tears. Start looking pretty again. Work on the outside appearance first. Then, the more positive you see, the more positive you will feel in the inside. Admire men when they stop to stare. Feel proud of yourself! You will have confidence again. Pretty soon your ex will start hearing about the new you and your new look.

But, do not rush anything. Just ignore him for a while until you feel ready. If and when you are ready, return his messages or set up a meeting. You are ready to get your boyfriend back!

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