A sound sleep at night improves growth, strength, vigour and complexion of the body.There is a direct relationship between a good night rest and the ability of the body to function effectively throughout the day.

Lack of sleep is linked to chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and problems of the heart. All these conditions can decrease longevity.

A man spends around one-third of his life in sleep. The duration of sleep varies according to the age. While an infant sleeps for 16-20 hours, a healthy adult requires a slumber of 7-9 hours. Elderly people somehow manage a calm sleep for 5 hours every day. And there are some who sleep less but don’t show any signs of illness. But sleeping for more than 10 hours a day can impact the health of a person.

Sleepless, commonly known as insomnia, includes symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty in falling and staying asleep and a significant reduction in the time spent on sleeping.

Restless legs syndrome, difficulty in urination, cramps and other painful conditions can interfere with the quality of slumber. Irregular sleep routine, consumption of a heavy meal and excess use of caffeine and alcohol can ruffle with the sleep pattern. Emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression can also interfere with the quality of slumber. Cutting back on tea, coffee and alcohol especially during late evening hours can improve snooze pattern.

A strict bedtime routine supplemented with the proper sleeping environment can enable a person to rest peacefully at night. Some other measures to induce sleep are a glass of milk before bedtime, a warm bath, hearing soft music and head and feet massage. Following a daily exercise schedule, having a light dinner and avoiding the use of electronic screens before retiring to bed can enable a person to get sound sleep.

When none of the above sleep aids fails to induce sleep, then sleeping pills should be trusted for a peaceful rest. These pills offer adequate relaxation to the brain and the nerves and enable a sleep-deprived person a quiet rest at night. One must buy sleeping pills on the prescription of a certified healthcare professional.
Two of the popular sleep medications for a healthy and refreshing sleep at night are Ambien and Zopiclone.

Ambien belongs to a group of medications known as sedative-hypnotics, whereas, Zopiclone is a popular non- benzodiazepine medication for a serene rest at night. Both these pills are effective in the treatment of short-term insomnia. The objective of both these sleep medications is to enable people to fall asleep quickly and to stay asleep.

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