Sleeping Apart After A Fight: How To Fix A Marriage After A Huge Fight - How To Heal A Relationship After A Fight

We all hate conflicts. For the most part, knowing your partner is angry with you or being involved in a conflict period makes people moody, depressed, angry, and in sad cases...suicidal. It should NEVER come to that. Most arguments or conflicts are fixable. It's ironic something as beautiful as a relationship that can takes months and years to build and can take only moments to crumble. Our minds, egos, pride, and more are all very fragile.

This is why its very important to truly understand your partner and when conflicts arise knowing the best approach to squash them asap. Severity of the conflict will always determine the possibility to squash them quickly.

Forgot to do the dishes? Chances are, even if an argument ensues, your ability to fix it by the end of the night is a high probability. Cheated on your partner? Chances are this conflict will not be resolved by the end of the night or probably end of the week.

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Recommendations to resolve a conflict

As the title of this article states, the goal should be to resolve a conflict by the time your head hits the pillow at the end of the night. Overall, it is much healthier for your relationship and yourself personally to end conflicts quickly versus letting them draw out. The longer a conflict exists, the greater the toll is on your mind and body. It will affect your sleep, affect your mood, your relationship with other people, and certainly your relationship with your partner. Therefore, the following points are recommended when dealing with a conflict:

1. LISTEN to your partner - Hear their side of it, even if you think they are dead wrong from start to finish. Give them the opportunity to get their point across. It is a horrible feeling when you need to get a thought off your chest or mind, and the opportunity to do so is squashed.

2. Choose softer or less harsh phrases - So many things are said during arguments that you want to take immediately back, or you regret at a later date because you didn't mean it, or it came out wrong. Spend the few seconds after hearing your partner to think of your response and determine the best choice of words to use. Stay away from words like "hate", cuss words, violent phrases. Try and set your body position to reflex your phrases. Don't get into a defensive position. Don't cross your arms as this appears to be a blocker.

3. Be Quite. - If you can't say anything constructive to the situation, sometimes it's OK to just be quiet. I have personally just kept my mouth shut if I feel it does no good to speak. Either the moment is TOO heated and being quiet will help calm it down quicker, or you simply have nothing good to say so your best approach is to stay mute.

4. Say Goodnight - Even if you are both angry at the end of the night, and the conflict won't get resolved...still kiss your partner goodnight and tell them you love them, appreciate them, or whatever you know in your heart is a nice thing to say. For me, even if my wife is no longer talking to me at the end of the night, I make it a point to give her a kiss, tell her good night and that I love her. Sometimes I get a snippy response back, sometimes I get a reciprocated "I love you" back. More times then not, we end up saying we are sorry for the fight and end the day at least on what feels like a balanced position.

Peoples emotions get the best of them, and I am willing to bet many relationships end simply because the two people don't know how to properly communicate, or they tend to hold onto their conflicts for extended periods of time.

Focus on doing EVERYTHING you can to resolve the conflict by the time your head hits the pillow.

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Do you know how some people "let themselves go"? Similarly, sometimes couples let their marriages go also. Just like neglecting your body can affect your physical health, neglecting your relationship can affect the health of your marriage. Read on to discover seven warning signs that you have let your marriage go.

What does it mean when people "let themselves go"? Generally, it means that they have quit investing their time and energy on their bodies. They may have gained weight because they are not exercising or eating the proper foods. Maintaining their looks is no longer a priority. Perhaps they have quit paying attention to their wardrobe, hair, or make-up. Over time, this can take a toll on their appearance and perhaps on their health.

The same thing can happen to marriages. Couples quit investing themselves in their relationships. They get too busy or they are too tired to spend time together. Also, they quit making each other feel special. Our bodies and our marriages take work to maintain in top condition. A lot of times, people do not even realize that they have neglected their marriages until they have drifted apart.

Here are five warning signs that you have started to let your marriage go:

1. You no longer do things together.

Spending time together keeps you in touch with each other. We all change over time and if you are not spending time together you will end up as two strangers living separate lives while living in the same house.

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2. You no longer have common interests and goals.

If you quit doing things with each other, you will lose interest in each other. Over time you will not longer have anything in common.

3. You do not talk to each other any more.

Spending quality time talking keeps your relationship cemented together. It is the only way that you will keep up with your spouse's current goals, desires, and dreams.

4. You do not do special things for each other any more.

Doing those special little things for each other is one way to express your appreciation and love for your mate. It helps you and your spouse feel special about yourselves and your relationship.

5. You have quit touching outside of sex.

Nonsexual touching helps you to connect emotionally and also sets the stage for connecting physically. If you have quit touching outside of sex, then you probably have started to let your marriage go.

6. You are more irritable with each other.

Even though irritability can stem from fatigue and stress, it also can be from unresolved issues. Sometimes it is easier to ignore problems than to deal with them. Those problems can eventually fester and damage the foundation of your marriage.

7. You no longer look forward to your future together.

Neglecting your relationship will eventually leave your feeling cold about your marriage and your future together.

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Feel like your marriage is unraveling before your eyes? Maybe your spouse has already mentioned divorce or separation. You might be asking "How can I save my broken marriage if I am the only one trying?" The good news is that it's not only possible but that there are proven techniques which have been extremely successful even for marriages facing divorce.

First of all there are a variety of reasons why marriages fail but they all have one thing in common; one spouse or both spouses at some point found themselves in an environment that they did not want to be in. See, we have a responsibility to our partner to continue to nurture the environment that originally attracted us to one another. And that takes work. You can plant a beautiful garden but you have to continue to water it and take care of it.

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There are a number of myths surrounding marital rescue that I'd like to point out right now:

- You have to learn new communication skills - FALSE

- It takes two to save the marriage - FALSE

- There is only one way to fix your marriage - FALSE

- Things will eventually get better on their own - FALSE

You see in reality, the marriage is almost like a third entity or person, separate from the two of you. When treated this way you are not so much working on yourselves as working on the marriage!

Another critical thing to consider is that you must be willing to take specific action. This is especially true if your partner is not interested in saving the marriage. By doing specific things and saying specific things and behaving in specific ways, you will notice a change in your partner, in yourself and in your marriage.

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They say it's tough to repair marriage after it's been broken a couple of times. Maybe you feel that way after you discovered that your husband or wife cheated on you. Or when you find that the two of you have grown to hate each other instead of love one another. It is tough to repair marriage, I won't kid you but it can be done. If your marriage is really on the edge, here are the two things you can do immediately to stop the marriage from bleeding further --

1. Call a marriage time-out

If you're always fighting and yelling and screaming at one another, getting in each other's face more is not going to make things any better. Instead, declare a time-out. Take a weekend away from one another. Go spend time at your favorite cafe or go see separate movies. While you're apart, make sure you each reflect on what's good about the marriage and what's not working. Think about whether you each are committed to making it work. Then come back together and work things through.

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2. Explore every possible way to resolve whatever issues are draining the life of your marriage

Open your minds to new and different ways to resolve your differences. Don't rely on what you both think are the right ways to repair marriage. Talk to experienced friends and marriage help experts. Research the Internet or just skim through the marriage help section of the local library. Find fresh ways to resolve your differences and start growing your marriage again.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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