It is found that the major reason for heart disease cause due to sleep apnea. The sleep disorder is cause due hectic schedules and depression, which are very common part of people’s day to day life. It has been noticed that the relationship sleep deprivation and heart disease has become strong in recent times. As per the researches carried out on sleep deprivation, it has come to in lime light that sleep disorder leads a person go breathless while sleeping as person stops breathing. The experts of sleep apnea Minnesota say that diagnosing and treating sleep apnea will be proved useful in preventing and treating heart diseases.

Generally, the sleep deprivation puts extensive amount of pressure on the heart, which ultimately leads to different types of heart diseases. Sleep apnea is a type of sleep disorder in which the person stops breathing at regular time while in sleep. The gap between breathing can last for minutes at a time and it keeps repeating several times in an hour. Due to this, body sucks up the entire oxygen reserve store in it, which leads to the building of carbon dioxide in the blood streams. It creates extra pressure and strain on the heart and makes harder for heart to pump the oxygenated blood remained in the body.

The lack of oxygen in the body causes blood cells to contract and increases the blood pressure. Based on the current research, it is stated that sleep apnea can constraints body own function to regulate blood pressure. Doctors say that hectic work schedule and high blood pressure lead to sudden increase the causes of heart disease. The various methods used for diagnosing heart disease will be proved less suitable, that is why many doctors suggest heart patients to be tested for sleep deprivation in Minnesota clinic to find out whether the sleep deprivation causing problem of heart disease in them or not. Similarly, the test is also suggested to the patients who are suffering from sleep apnea, if in case they are suffering form heart problems. The direct connection of sleep apnea and heart problems worry a lot many people.

Those who are suffering from sleep disorder should check their weight as it can be one of the biggest reasons for being them suffering from this problem. Obese people are susceptible to both sleep disorder and heart problems. However, to learn how to stop sleep apnea one has to reduce the weight to a great extent so that one can be freed from both the problems.

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