In recent years, uterine diseases have increasingly affected women's health, bringing many adverse effects to women's lives and leading to infertility or abortion. Every woman needs to prevent uterine infections.

It is said that going to bed early can improve your beauty, but fewer and fewer people can fall asleep before 11 o'clock. Chasing drama, shopping, playing games, reading novels, and so on make people want to stop and inadvertently join the army of staying late. But staying up late is bad for your health, especially for women prone to gynecological diseases. Vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammation are particularly common.

Moreover, lack of sleep interferes with the normal metabolism of hormones and becomes an essential inducement of uterine diseases. If a woman has one or two symptoms, such as menstrual changes, increased leucorrhea, pain in the waist, complex or irregular mass in the lower abdomen, and pressure in the bladder, she should be alert and see a doctor in time.

For some gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, endometritis, etc., Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, can provide a good therapeutic effect.

Uterine diseases are harmful to women's health. High-quality sleep eliminates fatigue and is conducive to mental health. For the uterus, good sleep can also ensure the regular operation of the endocrine and make the uterus healthier.

Four keys to protecting women's uterus

1. Keep clean and prevent sexual promiscuity

Some women can't treat their sexual life correctly, and some even indulge in sexual life, especially when they have sex with multiple men or don't pay attention to sexual hygiene. The uterus is the first victim. Unclean sexual intercourse is most likely to cause endometritis and cervical erosion. The incidence rate of uterine cancer in patients with cervical erosion is more than 7 times higher than that in patients without cervical erosion. Vaginal bleeding or a small amount of irregular bleeding after sexual intercourse is often an early sign of cervical cancer.

Therefore, it must be clear that women's indulgence in sexual life or pregnancy before marriage and early pregnancy will cause damage to their physical and mental health, which is often the direct cause of intrauterine infection, cervical erosion, and uterine cancer. Unclean sexual life, including the stimulation of the male glans foreskin to the cervix, is also one of the factors that cause uterine damage.

It is best to prohibit sexual life during pregnancy in the first three months and two months before labor. Otherwise, it will cause abortion or premature birth, which will cause damage to the uterus.

2. Perinatal care and prevention of uterine prolapse

Regular prenatal examination after pregnancy is an essential guarantee for the safety of mother and son. If the prenatal examination is ignored, the abnormality of the fetus can not be found in time, and it is often easy to have serious consequences such as dystocia or uterine rupture. For example, dystocia, multiple births, prolonged labor, excessive force, or improper treatment may cause ligament damage around the uterus and even rupture. Some do not pay attention to rest after childbirth and often squat down to work or do heavy work, increasing abdominal pressure. The uterus will move downward along the vagina from its normal position. In medicine, it is called uterine prolapse, referred to as "uterine prolapse."

The patient feels the lower abdomen, vagina, and perineum falling and has backache, local swelling, ulcers, increased leucorrhea, etc. In severe cases, she can take it off all day long and only be taken back with her hand. It is excruciating.

3. Stick to contraception and family planning

Scientific research has found that 24-29 years old is the best age for women to give birth. Family planning greatly benefits the protection of maternal and infant health and the promotion of fertility. However, some women of childbearing age do not take contraceptive measures or sterilization operations and think it is OK to be pregnant. Anyway, there are artificial abortion remedies. Some young women act rashly when they are in love, get pregnant before they get married, and have to do an "abortion."

Such repeated induced abortion can easily lead to uterine cavity infection and cervical or uterine cavity adhesion, leading to secondary infertility. Generally, abortion can't look directly at the uterine cavity. A small number of patients often have uterine damage or even perforation because the position and size of the uterus are not clear before surgery, the direction of entry of instruments during surgery is inconsistent with the curvature of the uterus, or excessive force.

Therefore, it must be clear that every increase in multiple pregnancies increases the risk of the uterus by one point. According to the survey, the risk of uterine disease and occurrence is significantly increased after more than three pregnancies. If repeated abortion, especially in the short term, is the most harmful to the uterus, do not think that abortion is a trivial matter.

4. Strictly prohibit "three noes" to protect the uterus

The damage to the holy land of the uterus is closely related to improper delivery. Therefore, the "three noes" must be achieved:

That is, first, do not have an abortion without permission. Some people, for various reasons, have abortions without permission or go to a quack doctor for surgery. The severe consequences of doing so are that the uterus is damaged or there are many secondary infections;
Second, do not abuse oxytocin. In some remote rural areas, when pregnant women have difficulties in giving birth, oxytocin abuse occurs from time to time, which is quite dangerous and can lead to uterine rupture;

Third, do not use the old method to deliver babies. A few areas still use the old way to have babies, including at home, which severely threatens mothers and fetuses.

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