The term rejuvenation means the extension of life on something that is otherwise approaching its end. When applied to the human body, it means the reversal of aging and the promotion of re-growth. When we speak of skin rejuvenation then, we’re talking about preventing the aging of the skin, and preserving its health and youthful looks for as long as possible.

Skin rejuvenation is important because it helps make people look younger than they actually are. Besides the looks aspect, it also helps keep your skin healthy because it boosts the production of new skin cells. It gets rid of dark spots and burns that are caused by exposure to the harsh rays of the sun. When a cosmetic procedure like skin laser goes wrong, rejuvenation is encouraged to bring back the health of the affected area and heal whatever wounds developed from the faulty procedure.

If the last example happens to you, your best recourse is to seek for medical assistance, preferably from a dermatologist or a very trusted skin centre. You can get a prescription for painkillers, if needed, and medicine that will help hasten skin repair. It’s definitely simpler if all you want is to have younger-looking skin because you can just do the following strategies for promoting skin rejuvenation:

1. Cleansing – The very first thing you must do is to clean the skin thoroughly. Products you will use afterwards will be more effective because there’s no more grime to block their active ingredients from penetrating the skin.

2. Scrubbing and Exfoliating – These are the main methods of getting the skin to produce healthy skin cells and replace the dead ones that flake off the top of the skin. Dead skin cells will naturally fall off, but if you want the rejuvenation process to go on quickly, you can help things by scrubbing the dead cells off from your body.

You cannot use a loofah or the like on your face though because it is more sensitive and delicate than the rest of your body. What you should use instead is a facial wash with microbeads that “scrub” dead skin cells and dirt off the face. With the top layers scrubbed off, the healthier cells below will be brought to the fore.

3. Put on moisturizer after you exfoliate. Notice that your skin turns red after you scrub in the shower; when you scrub too hard, some areas may be irritated and feel painful when touched. Moisturizing lotion will help relieve that pain. Most importantly, moisture plus the infused vitamins and nutrients will help the skin produce young, healthy cells faster.

4. Do all three steps regularly. You don’t have to exfoliate thoroughly every day though. Just pay attention to how well/bad your skin reacts to loofah scrubbing and your exfoliating product and establish a routine from there.

5. Your diet should also reflect your desire to have healthy, beautiful skin. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamins C, A, and E. Drink lots and lots of water! You cannot depend on your moisturizer alone. Also take antioxidants (ex: tea) and avoid processed, chemical-rich food.

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